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A huge crowd of Londoners
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Gender Men and women

Love to look at the Queen of England


Queen Elizabeth II
Kevin (Despicable Me 2 and Minions)
London Police

A huge crowd of Londoners is a huge number of people in the film Minions.



This huge number of people can be seen in England when Queen Elizabeth II (ale Queen of England) makes a trip on a carriage. But he is hunted by Kevin, Stewart and Bob, who they try to steal the crown. And he is chased by the London police and the chase begins. But on the carriage, Stewart tries to steal the crown from the Queen, but she herself protects and begins to beat on the carriage and a fight begins. But when the Queen's carriage broke, no one suffered. And the Queen orders the cops to catch all three, only Bob managed to escape from the cops, they caught only Kevin and Stewart. And After Bob pulls the sword out of the stone, he becomes King of England. And all the people bowed, and the cops too, after they let Kevin and Stewart go.

He can be seen at Buckingham Palace, and King Bob's butler orders him to make a speech at Buckingham Palace. But he does not leave the car until the entire guard of the palace is dressed in the costume of the Minions. Then, Bob gives a speech, although no one understands the Mignon language. And after he shouted, "King Bob! ", the whole crowd is juicing. It can again be seen at the law at Buckingham Palace.

He can again be seen in a church in England at the Scarlet Overkill ceremony, where she will become Queen of England, but the Minions accidentally spoiled the coronation and threw him a chandelier, in fact Scarlet is alive, and orders all the villains to kill three. The crowd is screaming.

The last time they see him is when they stand on the lawn in front of Buckingham Palace, when Kevin Stewart and Bob go to the palace, to award gifts from the Queen, the whole crowd cheers (including the Athletes and Corgis, which they hold the Queen's Corgis in their hands, although, One of the Athletes, holds one of the Queen's Corgis licks back, perhaps one of the Queen's Corgis blind) one of the Queen's Corgi licks in her mouth to one of the Minions.

After Queen Elizabeth knights Kevin, the crowd is jubilated again, but suddenly the Queen's crown is gone again, it turns out that Scarlet and Herb stole the Queen's crown, and he will be frozen by young Gru. They were never seen again at the very end of the film.