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These are action figures which were released by Mattel in 2020-2022. Most of them resemble the minions as seen in Minions: The Rise Of Gru.

Playsets & Figure Packs[]

Movie Moments[]

Each pack comes with two figures and accessories. each pack resembles one of many certain scenes in the movie including; Mixed Up Minions, Gru's Motorbike, Kung Fu Training, and Dragon Disguise.

Figure Multipacks[]

Unlike the 'Movie Moments' playsets, each pack comes with approximately 4-6 figures with accessories and have their own different style of packaging. These Figure Packs include Gru's First Lair, Minions On The Move, & Boombox Minions.


Each of the figures are poseable with accessories which are designed to be either held or worn by the minions.

Laugh Lab/Simple Action Figures[]

Each of the figures have a unique gimmick with included accessories. Each one has points of articulation just like the others.


Stuart With Sticky Hand Shooter[]

There is a button located at the back of Stuart's head. Once pressed, Stuart will lower his left arm as he aims with the included Sticky Fingers. A red button is located on the launcher which allows it to fire once it's pushed. The projectile hand included is made out of a sticky rubber so it can cling onto any clean surface or a window.

Flame Throwing Kevin[]

Kevin comes with safety mask, gas tank, and flamethrower accessories. The safety mask clips onto Kevin's head and can raise and lower. The gas tank has a little slot which pegs onto Kevin's back, and Kevin's left arm is designed to hold the flamethrower. The button is located at the back of his head at the top and once pressed, Kevin lowers the flamethrower with the flame being extended and retracted.

Stone Tossing Otto[]

There is a button located on the back of the figure. Once pressed, Otto swings his right arm up with the stone in his hand which causes it to fly off and will retract back in his hand.

Action Striking Bob[]

There is a button located on the back of Bob's head which allows him to swing his right arm backward once pressed. He comes with two accessories involving Tim and the gong. Tim can be attached to either of Bob's hands and he can be placed behind of the gong. which can be hit once Bob swings his arm.

Nunchuck Swinging Stuart[]

Stuart comes with two nunchuck accessories which are held with both hands. The button is located on the back of his head and once pressed, Stuart swings his arms forward and backward while his eye moves left and right.

Arm Stretch Bob[]

Bob comes with an accessory of Tim with both arms that function like pop tubes. The left arm can clamp onto Tim.

Skate Spinning Stuart[]

Stuart comes with an accessory of headphones which slide onto his head. he has rolling wheels on both feet and is wound up counter-clockwise on the waist. Once fully wound up, Stuart will spin around.

Wing Flapping Otto[]

Otto comes with a pair of detached wing accessories which peg onto the back and a pet rock accessory. The button is located on his pocket. Once pressed, Otto will flap its wings.

Kevin with Cheese Blaster[]

Kevin has a similar function to Stuart with Sticky Hand Shooter except it involves with the Cheese Ray.

Villain Smack Kevin[]

Kevin comes with a cardboard cutout of Jean Clawed which is stood by a weighted base which allows him to wobble. There is a button located on the back of his head and once pressed, Kevin will launch his right arm forward in a rapid motion.

Loud n' Rowdy[]

Each figure is similar to the simple action figures except they make sounds.



Bob comes with a bunch of bananas and a chopping board. The button is located at the back of his head. Once pressed, Bob launches his right arm forward as he makes sounds. The chopping board folds up once it's been hit by Bob's hand.


Stuart comes with a cannon accessory with included projectiles. Once the button is pressed at the back of Stuart's head, Stuart looks up and the cannon fires as he makes sounds.


Otto comes with a pair of rocket skates. Once he is placed on, the rocket skates can be pulled back and moves Otto forward which causes friction to lean Otto back which activates the sound feature.


Dave comes with a jackhammer accessory which is held with both of his hands. The drill accessory is located near the back of Dave on the left which has a pull string function. Once pulled, Dave will vibrate while his eyes wiggle and his hard hat shakes up and down as he makes sounds.

Sing n' Babble[]

Each minion comes with an accessory and can interact with each other. (See Page Here)


Wild Rider[]

The wild rider is a remote control vehicle that comes with a figure of Bob which is designed to hold the front handles as it moves. The vehicle is designed to hold 5 minions approx. The remote comes with two options which involve moving forward and steering backwards. once turned on, the vehicle will begin making sounds and be able to move. The Remote requires 2x AA batteries and the vehicle requires 3x AA Batteries.

Minion Missile Fire[]

The Minion Missile Fire comes with four darts with minions printed which bare resemblance to the Nerf Mega darts. they are loaded directly into the nozzle which can spin and can transform from a vehicle to a blaster. It is designed to hold one minion.


-Cheese Blaster Kevin and Gru's First Lair figure packs come with recycled counterparts from other releases such as: Flame Throwing Kevin, Mixed Up Minions & Gru's Jet Bike Figure Packs, Loud n' Rowdy Dave, and The Wild Rider.