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These are action figures which were released by Thinkway Toys in 2013-2017. Most of them resemble the minions as seen in Despicable Me 2 and Despicable Me 3 as well as the Minions movie.


Basic Deluxe Action Figures[]


Each action figure comes with accessories. They each open and close their mouth as they either move their eyes back and fourth or open and close their eyes with a press of a button on their pocket. Their arms and legs can be articulated in any direction of choice. However, banana Munching Stuart's closes its eye and its mouth when you move his left arm downward as he lifts his banana up with his right arm as he is eating it. Bob and Banana Munching Stuart each have a little dial that helps them move their eyes in any direction. Each accessory occasionally has a spring-loaded feature which comes with projectiles and can be loaded one at a time and fired with a press of a button. They are each designed for them to be able to hold with one arm.


The Build-A-Minion line (With the exception of Clive The Robot) has a similar concept to Mr. Potato Head. Each pack comes with the minion itself and some accessories. All parts including its arms, hands, and eyes can either snap on or off. The parts can me mixed and matched with each other. However, some parts may not be able to come off such as Build-A-Minion Caveman/Pirate & Hula Dave/Stuart are the only ones with pants that can come off, Build-A-Minion Hula Dave/Stuart's arms being held in place, and Build-A-Minion Arctic Kevin's arms might be too small to fit onto Mr. Tim, Baby Carl, and Lucy/Fireman. Build-A-Minion Arctic Kevin has another feature where his mouth opens and closes as his eyes move from side to side when you press on his pocket. Clive has wheels on the bottom that help him roll.

Deluxe Talking Action Figures[]

Each minion is activated with a press of a button on its pocket. Hula Jerry's button is located in the center of his coconut bra. Once activated, they speak 1 to 10 (Approx.) phrases. One the button is held down for two seconds it will activate a special mode. Dave and Stuart make fart sounds, Tim's voice becomes echoed as he shouts into his megaphone, and Jerry sings.


Gru With H2O Shooter[]

Robot Minion Bob[]

Bob will move his eyes from side to side and his mouth will open and close once the button is pressed on his pocket. his arms and legs can extend and bend in any position.

Young Gru With Freeze Gun[]

Young Gru has only one point of articulation in the waist. Once his left arm is pushed down he raises his right arm and turns his head to the right to aim with his freeze ray. The freeze ray can be loaded with its included projectiles and can fire once the button has been pressed.

Gru With Freeze Gun[]

Banana Crazy Carl[]

Banana Crazy Carl comes with a banana crown which can be placed on his head. His eye wiggles from side to side as he is tilted back and fourth. His Right is spring-loaded and can be pushed downward and once the button is pressed on his pocket, it releases the right arm in a rapid motion as if Carl were using it as a pretend gun.

Jail Time Tattoo Phil/Tim[]

Both minions come with a sheet of stickers which can be placed onto them as tattoos. They both have wiggling eyes which function similar to Banana Crazy Carl. Both of their arms and feet are articulated.

Tourist Jerry[]

Jerry comes with a drink as well as a cap with sunglasses and fanny pack. Each accessory can be easily clipped onto him and the glasses can even be worn on his hat. Jerry also has 6 points of articulation with wiggling eyes.

Chomping Evil Minion and Dracula's Minion Stuart[]

Both of them come with a rip cord which is inserted at the back. One the rip cord is pulled, the wheels spin on the bottom which helps them move forward as they each wiggle their eye from left to right, while Evil Minion opens and closes its mouth and Stuart will wave his arms front and back.