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The name Aloysius O'Hare does not belong to the Despicable Me franchise.
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Full name Aloysius O´Hare
Gender Male


Eye color Green
Hair color Black

Mayor, Businessman


Morty and McGurk (formerly)


Ted Wiggins, Audrey, The Lorax, The Once-ler, Mrs. Wiggins, Grammy Norma, Morty and McGurk


The Lorax

Voiced by

Rob Riggle

My name's O'Hare, I'm one of you, I live here in Thneedville too. The things you say just might be true. It could be time to start anew, and maybe change my point of view.... Nah haha. I say let it die! Let it die, Let it die, let it shrivel up and, come on who's with me huh?
— Aloysius O'Hare

Aloysius O'Hare is a businessman who pollutes the air and prevents the re-introduction of trees to further his monopoly and profits from selling Air to the citizens of Thneedville in the movie The Lorax. He is voiced by Rob Riggle


As a teenager, Aloysius O'Hare got his money-making idea when he saw one of the billboard workers coughing on smog while wondering who will make "the next million dollar invention" after The Once-Ler's thneed factory had to shut down for good.

The Lorax

Years later, O'Hare made a fortune selling oxygen tanks for a machine that he designed to keep the otherwise smoggy air fresh for Thneedville residents, but in order to sell what people used to get for free, O'Hare's air company went to great lengths to keep the locals from leaving town to prevent them from discovering an alternative (planting trees) to his bottled air. Because of this, Ted made an enemy out of the so-called "elected hero".

When Ted spoke for the trees (as though a part of the Lorax was within him) by tearing down the walls of the town to reveal the truth and showing the last tree seed as a start of many much-needed changes for the all-artificial town of Thneedville, O'Hare tried in vain to get the citizens on his own side, revealing his true nature in the process by threatening to fire his delivery man named Cy if he does not get the people on his side. Eventually, Mr. O'Hare himself sings along with them, seemingly planning on redeeming himself but he immediately changes his mind saying that the seed should shrivel up and die and asking who's on his side. No one sides with O'Hare and his two bodyguards named Morty and McGurk are no longer loyal to him; they put a jet helmet on him that sends him flying away. It may be possible that O'Hare eventually crashes with the jet helmet on his head as he does not have the jet helmet's control, possibly getting killed or severely injured with the impact by force.



  • O'Hare might be a reference to Fred O'Hare from another Illumination Entertainment movie, Hop.
  • His scene in "Let It Grow" has become a famous meme on YouTube.
  • We do not know if he died after flying away in a jetpack.