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Except we're floating!
— Edith


  The Anti-Gravity Recycling Room is a location exclusive to Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, located next to the Bomb Manufacturing Room.


The Anti-Gravity Recycling Room is a cyllinder-shaped room that is connected to the bomb manufacturing room through conveyor belts, which is the only way garbage or people can end up in.

Most of the interior of the room is assembled several mechanical claws, giant levitating robot arms, and two pairs of crushers. One of them is blunt and silver. The other near the fan, is larger and black in colour, is sharper, and has red lights that glow before they smash.  


After an incident with the giant hammer in the bomb room, the girls and Minion recruits (the audience) are sent into this room. Worse, one of the robot arms suddenly levitates from under them, forcing Margo, Edith and Agnes to hold on to the joints. Unfortunately, things get worse when they're forced to hold to the arm even tighter, forcing Margo to keep Agnes from floating, unaware that the latter loses her present for Gru. Much to Margo's overprotectiveness, Agnes floats away from the former's grasp to get her gift back, barely passing through a liable bomb until she finally grabs it between a pair of chrusher. But even so, she is cornered once noticing a giant fan behind her. Fortunately, Gru arrives at the right moment, incapacitating the crushers with a steel beam before simply grabbing Agnes. But then, the pair of crushers become capable of movement again, forcing Gru to use his raw power to deactivate it. Once so, he is forced to save his other daughters from falling down. The Grus and recruits leave the room through a replica of Super Silly Funland Gru represents to the girls as anniverssary gift.


  • When the girls are trapped in this room, Jimmy Neutron's rocket from the popular Nickelodeon tv show can be seen floating around