We are the Anti-Villain League, an ultra-secret organization, dedicated to fighting crime on a global scale.
Silas Ramsbottom introducing the AVL to Felonius Gru

The Anti-Villain League (abbreviated to AVL) is a top-secret organization that is dedicated to combating super-villain activity. The current director is Valerie Da Vinci, notable agents from this organization include Lucy Wilde and Felonius Gru


Because not much is revealed about the AVL, not much is known about the Anti-Villain League. AVL has 2 known bases as of now.

One of the bases is a large submarine, where Silas Ramsbottom and Lucy work. Unlike a regular military submarine, the AVL's base is modified with a "landing strip" of sorts and a secret door. The submarine also has a boat tethered to it. Many agents are hard at work inside the base. In the middle of the base, there is a conference table where Ramsbottom works and a digital projector screen. The AVL's other base is located in or near Australia[1]Silas Ramsbottom only briefly mentioned it.

The agents of the AVL, with the exception of Lucy, typically dress in black and white and wear matching black sunglasses.


Despicable Me 2

The AVL had been tracking the theft of the Arctic PX-41 laboratory for at least three weeks when Ramsbottom is forced to call Felonius Gru in. Lucy Wilde, one of the agents of the AVL, is dispatched to escort the ex-supervillain to the submarine. Though there is some resistance from the reformed villain, Lucy managed to bring Gru in. Ramsbottom attempted to utilize Gru's skill of identifying villains in order to capture the PX-41 thief, but Gru refused. Thanks to Lucy (and some other factors like Dr. Nefario's depature), Gru changed his mind.

The AVL, in order to assist the duo, gave them specialized tools such as a belt buckle that could detect traces of PX-41. Later, when the shop Eagle Hair Club is discovered to be contaminated with PX-41, the owner of the shop, Floyd Eaglesan, is arrested by the AVL. Declaring the case closed, Ramsbottom transferred Lucy to the AVL's Austrailian branch, though she went AWOL when she realized she loved Gru.

The AVL did not realize it was El Macho who was the true perpetrator, but Gru did, and later, El Macho was defeated by Gru and his allies. It's unknown what happened to El Macho, but AVL most likely reverted and arrested him.

Despicable Me 3

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  1. Silas tells Gru that Lucy is being moved to Australia


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