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Attack of the Bubbles was a special mission in Minion Rush from June 28th, 2017. It is the third and last part of the Bubble Gum Invasion saga.

In this episode, the objective items were Yo-yos, Keytars and Rubik's Cubes, including the main prize - the Surfer, with perks, prize pods, golden tickets and tokens. It was the last special mission that gave a costume as a prize at the end of Lap 1.

The host area was the new Bratt's Lair. The new fever was called Neon Fever. A new costume, Island Hopper was offered using a special daily-login calendar.

Dave's new offered costume was the Bratt's Workout, available only in the market at the price of 7,000 market tickets.

In this update, a new feature was added. Edith Gru offers her help to finish a level at the cost of tokens. The price of the tokens increase when the level's objective increases.