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BMX bike for minion

The BMX Bike is an item in Despicable Me: Minion Rush in update 2.7.1., otherwise known as the April Fools Update. It is found in and can only be used in Eduardo's House during the April Fools special mission.

The BMX Bike, hence the name, takes the image of a red colored BMX bike. It can be obtained in several ways: by paying 15,000 in Bananas, receiving some from a completed special event or daily reward (ranging from one to up to seven rewarded BMX Bikes rewarded to players), or formerly, by collecting all three of the now retired Stars on a daily run. When the BMX Bike is activated at the beginning of a run, all items (excluding special mission items) will be replaced by it and won't spawn until all three BMX Bikes have shown up on the screen either used or missed.

When the player's Minion runs into a BMX Bike, one will be warped into a desert riding one. The goal here is to collect as many Chilis, Pinatas, or Fireworks within the 15 (default) seconds. The player's Minion can ride through flags and perform tricks on ramps to greatly increase his Despicable Multiplier. Running into cacti in this area, will slow down the player, therefore wasting a great amount of time. The BMX Bike is the easiest way to collect a large amount of needed items for the special mission, as a skilled player who uses all three Bikes during the run can collect at least 10 items in one run (excluding those that spawn during the run).

However, in original design, if the player misses a BMX Bike during the run, it will not spawn again, therefore decreasing the amount of times it can be used during the run; yet, in the latter minion (Extreme Sports), BMX bikes can be found again if the player misses them.