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  • Bratt is voiced by Trey Parker who is best known for co-creating and starring in the adult comedy show, South Park. Bratt's voice as a child is similar to two South Park characters, Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman, while as a teenager, he sounds like Phillip from The Terrance and Phillip Show. As an adult, he sounds like Randy Marsh.
    • Also, Mona Marshall is with the Additional Roles.
  • In the pre-material concept art, Bratt was represented as a woman villain.
  • Bratt represents Dougray Scott's character Sean Ambrose from Mission: Impossible II because when they disguise themselves as someone else the audience gets surprised.
  • Bratt is inspired by the late Michael Jackson as the song he uses to accompany the first heist scene further references this.
  • In Minion Rush, Balthazar gets his location called "Bratt's Lair".
  • In the film, several 80s songs can be heard playing when Bratt appears such as:
    • Take My Breath Away (from "Top Gun" Soundtrack) by Berlin
    • Bad by Michael Jackson
    • Sussudio by Phil Collins
    • Take on Me by a-ha
    • Into the Groove by Madonna
  • When Bratt is defeated and flies away, a billboard saying Onions can be seen, which is a spoof of Minions.
  • Bratt's giant robot's interior resembles the Emotions' Headquarters from 2015 Pixar movie Inside Out.
  • Bratt's clothing bears similarity to performing artist Prince.
  • After Bratt's defeat, it is unknown what happened to his sonic keytar and his robot Clive.
    • It could have been possible that they were destroyed off-screen after Bratt was defeated.
  • When Gru outsmarts him by inviting a dance fight (before he was defeated), he said "Oh, it is on like Donkey Kong!" Donkey Kong is an 80's arcade game, which might explain why he said that.
  • It's impossible to know that Bratt can do impressions while he was in disguises such as:
    • He speaks in a French accent when he was disguised and poses as jewel inspector to gain access and retrieve the Dupont Diamond from a museum in Paris.
    • He speaks in Lucy's voice after tying up and gagging the real Lucy, and stuffing her in the closet, takes the diamond from Gru, before kidnapping Margo, Edith and Agnes by telling them to come, then reveals himself to the girls.