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Banana Prize Pods Shop

Banana Prize Pods are items in Minion Rush. There are three types of these pods: Mini, Big and Hefty. It's currently the only item that can be purchased with Bananas, and will refresh every week. At the beginning of the 5-year celebration update the Banana Prize pods had a unique section in the Shop and the banana bank was located at the top right of it, but later on it was transferred to the top left part of the Shop, next to the banana coins and tokens. Banana Prize Pods are grouped in one item, at the end of the main Prize Pods section in the Shop as shown in the picture on the right. When a Special Mission is undergo, the Banana Pods can be found next to the Special Prize Pod, otherwise the they're next to the Challenger Pod. A player usually sees the Mini Prize Pod, but the other two are hidden behind it. As soon as the Mini Prize Pod is purchased, the Big Banana Pod appears and after this one has been purchased, the Hefty Pod appears. A player can buy only one of each kind and then the stock goes to 0 until the refresh timer resets. It costs a lot of Bananas, depending on Agent Rank and type as shown below. In order to collect bananas, it's best to run in the Workout Room.

Banana cost per Rank Zone Mini Prize Pod Big Prize Pod Hefty Prize Pod
Mk.1 20,000 90,000 250,000
Mk.2 30,000 135,000 375,000
Mk.3 40,000 180,000 500,000
Mk.4 50,000 225,000 625,000
Mk.5 70,000 315,000 875,000
Mk.6 90,000 405,000 1,125,000
Mk.7 110,000 495,000 1,375,000
Mk.8-9 140,000 630,000 1,750,000