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Minion Rush Banana Splitter

The Banana Splitter is an item / power-up in Minion Rush.

In the previous versions (Jelly Lab and before) it could be purchased and upgraded in the Shop. Now, this power-up is not available as stand-alone gadget, but is upgradable via some costume upgrades.


The icon of banana splitter is a banana split. After unlocking the power-up via the Island Hopper Minion Costume, it will appear randomly during runs covered by a yellow aura.

Once the item is collected during a run, each Banana is worth double when collected.

Banana Splitter

The Banana Splitter, along with the Banana Vacuum is one of the few items to appear in secret areas/special areas of the game's locations. They appear notably in the Tall Slide in Minion Beach, a special PX-Lab in The Arctic Base, the special inside of the Great Pyramid of Giza in The Pyramids, in the Workout Room in Bratt's Lair, but having one Banana Splitter before springing out of the movie theater in The Mall was discontinued as of version 6.1.0 in October 2018. It does not appear in the secret areas of the rest game areas, which contain only the Banana Vacuum, with the exception of the roller coaster in Super Silly Fun Land and the minecart in The Volcano (there is no power-up before entering).

Because the Banana Splitter doubles the amount of Bananas collected, it is among the quickest ways to earn a lot of Bananas during runs, along with the Fluffy Unicorn and Banana Vacuum. The Banana Splitter, Banana Vacuum, Freeze RayMinion ShieldMinion Launcher and PX-41 are some of the few items in the game that do not allow the player to tilt the screen to use.



  • When the Banana Splitter is active, all bananas will appear in banana bunches and will be surrounded with a yellow glow, making them easier to spot. 
  • In Update 2.0.1. (the Jelly Lab Update), the Banana Splitter must be unlocked (if not unlocked previously) on level 26.
  • For the older versions still active, if the player has purchased the Golden Banana, the Banana Splitter will combine to give the player four bananas per banana picked up.
  • In the original versions of Minion Rush (before Jelly Lab appeared), Banana Splitters that lasted for an entire run would be awarded to the player for collecting three Bapples during a daily event.