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Minion Rush Banana Vacuum

The Banana Vacuum is an item / power-up in Minion Rush. It is a grey vacuum attached to a backpack. The Banana Vacuum will spawn randomly during runs covered by a light-blue aura. When ran into, the vacuum will be attached to the player's Minion, and will suck up every Banana near the player until its time runs out. In the previous versions (Jelly Lab and before) it could be purchased and upgraded in the Shop. Now, this power-up is not available as stand-alone gadget, but is upgradable via some costume upgrades, where these costumes feature it.

The Banana Vacuum appears in nearly every secret or special area in the game, with the exception of the big slide in Minion Beach (where the Banana Splitter can be found instead). The only locations where there is no Banana Vacuum before entering their secret areas are Super Silly Fun Land and The Volcano.

Banana Vacuum

Banana Vacuum, Banana Splitter and Fluffy Unicorn help the player collect more Bananas when the given task requires it. Special pods are always available in the Shop in order to cash collected Bananas in. The Vacuum, along with the Splitter, Minion ShieldFreeze RayMinion Launcher and PX-41 is one of several items that does not require the player to tilt the screen to use.