The Bank of Evil is bank exclusively for supervillains. It is owned by Mr. Perkins and can only be entered through a secret eye scanner in one of the bank's urinals.


The Bank of Evil is a big red building. It has chairs and the letters "BANK OF EVIL" below the half-circle. The doors are big red doors with the "$" sign on it. Mr. Perkins's office appears to be upstairs, as seen when Vector fires his Squid Launcher.


  • The sign beneath the name, styled "Formerly Lehman Brothers", is a reference to the Financial Crisis of 2008. The already fragile international economy dipped significantly during this time when the banking giant, Lehman Brothers, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, an event widely accepted as a major contributing factor to the global financial crisis.
  • This building shares similarities to the Ministry of Magic as depicted in the Harry Potter films, both in the style of the pillars in the lobby, and using toilets as a method of entry.


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