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Make youur own organic batteries.
— The game description
Battery pool

Battery Pool, the place to make batteries

Battery is a resource made in Minions Paradise. It takes 4 hours and 30 minutes to produce battery in the Battery Pool.


If fully unlocked, three minions Larry, James and Ethan can make three batteries together. When they are working, it can be seen that one of the minions is charging some batteries by electric currents from some electric eels in the pool while another one is touching some other batteries and sometimes get shocked when he touches with a wet finger; the other minion is sitting on a rock at the pool bank and playing by touching above the pond by his feet.

Occationally, the playable minion makes faces at the electic eels, which results them to attack him. He twitches even if the attack is over, and his two fellow workers laughs at him.