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The bear is a minor character in Minions. When the Minions gave the Caveman a fly swatter to kill it, the bear killed the Caveman.

Cave bear
Gender Unknown
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown




Voiced by

Frank Welker



The bear is first seen when it is looking at the caveman. Then it roared at him. The caveman grabbed a primal weapon to kill it, but the minions gave him a fly swatter. When the caveman hit the bear multiple times with the fly swatter, the bear attacked and ate him. Horrified by their boss' death, the minions screamed in panic and, pretending to innocently forget the accident, began looking for a new boss.

Later when the minions traveled to London to see their new boss Scarlet Overkill, and were paddling on a floating log to escape some polar bears, a trio of bears on the other side of the lake forced them to paddle the other direction.

In the post-credits scene, the bear from the beginning was lured onto the stage by Bob using a fish on a fishing pole, scaring away Kevin and Stuart in the process. It eats the fish and Bob pets it, then the bear sees the caveman with his club and runs away.


The bear seems like a cave bear with dark brown hair and a blackish brown nose with dark reddish purple gums and yellow teeth.