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The Minion's Bedtime Story is a extempore story told by Scarlet Overkill in the film Minions. She implies her early life, her motive of getting Queen Elizabeth II's crown, and the threat to the Minions if they can't get the crown.


Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.

One fateful day, the pigs encountered a big, bad wolf who had a wonderful surprise for them.

The wolf offered the 3 piggies and all their friends a job working for her. Everyone would be so happy.

All the 3 little piggies had to do was just steal one little crown that the beautiful wolf had wanted ever since she was a penniless, little, street cub. Unloved and abandoned.

But that crown would mean she was a princess. And everybody loves the princess. So, the wolf sent the piggies to get that crown.

But the little piggies weren't up to the challenge. They failed their mission. So the wolf huffed, and puffed...

And blew them off the face of the Earth!

The end.''

— Scarlet Overkill


  • The background music of this segment is taken from Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev, which matches the wolf, the antagonist in the story.
  • In the second trailer of the fim Minions, the storyline is distinctively different.
    • In the trailer, the reason that the piggies irritated the wolf is one of them broke a glass crown in front of the wolf, while in the movie they failed to steal the crown for her.
    • The wolf threw many things to crush the piggies. In the trailer, the last item is a heavy tank; in the film, it's lots of explosives and it destroyed everything as the end of the plot.
    • Scarlet incorrectly calls the young wolf a "cub", while a baby wolf should be called as a pup.