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Bella is Minor character from the short mini-movie Kyle's Secret Life. The former panther of the German Shepherd. Kyle's love interest.

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Full name Bella
Gender Female
Hair color White

White fur and tail and paws, wears a pink collar with a blue eye tag


A Bella looks like any other poodle dog: it has a pink collar, white fur.



Kyle's Secret Life[]

She is first seen bathing. Kyle (Gru's dog) has fallen in love, wants to jump to her, but a German shepherd is coming to him. The German Shepherd gives the poodle a toy bone before Kyle is upset. Then, Kyle had an idea: to give him a new pink collar. And he succeeded. Kyle goes to her with a collar, but again the German Shepherd mocks her, instead of Kyle, his collar holds. Then Bella watches Kyle fly. A German shepherd sits nearby. Kyle spitting a toy. The German Shepherd barks, but she chases him away. Kyle gives the toy to her. She goes home, blinking her eyes at him. And Kyle is joyful.