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File:SATURDAY MORNING MINIONS - Episode 13 - Bicycle Short (Illumination Entertainment) HD

Bicycle Short is the 3rd episode of the second season of Saturday Morning Minions, and the 13th episode overall.


Finn rides a unicycle but Euchariah and Mack (with combed hair) wanted to ride with him. Finn rides a tricycle while the other two pedal. However, a bunch of minions wanted to ride with Finn. The problem was, the tricycle broke until they say a tandem bike. The minions rode the tandem bike with Finn on the back. The tandem bike goes on a skateboard ramp and flies and the man screams and runs away from a manhole. The minions fell into a manhole and makes a turn in the pipes and eaten by a crocodile except Finn (probably spit them out since minions don't die). Finn happily rides back home. Iris out.