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Binky Nelson Unpacified is a short film that is included with the Blu-ray release of Minions. It centers on Binky Nelson's adventure to retrieve his lost pacifier.


One week before meeting Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, the Nelson family returns from a successful heist in the National Museum, Madge Nelson suddenly notices that Binky's pacifier is lost, and Walter Nelson says that it must have been left at the museum and suggests that is not necessary anymore, thus leaving Binky sad.

Unable to live without his pacifier, he sets out back to the museum. After fooling the museum's security system, he finds his pacifier at a statue's hands, but is stopped by the Security Guard, Binky easily gets rid of him by throwing over him the same statue with his pacifier.

The scene changes to Walter and Madge going to look after Binky, who is asleep without his pacifier; After they leave, Binky puts his pacifier on and a cowboy hat he stole from the security guard. The after-credits scene shows that the security guard is alive, but is stuck holding the statue.


  • It is currently the only mini-movie from the Despicable Me franchise that doesn't feature any of the Minions.
    • This was possibly billed to be a Minions short, since the Minions do not appear at all, this whole short is focused on Binky Nelson.



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