• SUPER4geditTANK


    September 21, 2018 by SUPER4geditTANK

    Due to recently complicated events of my life, I have no other choice but to resign from the admin position, because I haven't been doing anything for long. It was sad that I must do this even though I haven't watched DM for several years. Kanazagr has already been given Bcrat and admin rights, and I believe that he can still moderate this wiki, maybe a lot better than me.....

    So long fellas! I'll give you a postcard from paradise falls!

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  • TJB92064

    I love the minions. They are adorable and I wanted to use one for a profile picture. When I came to the site seeking a female minion, I was shocked to not find a single one!

    Movie casting inequality exists with cartoons too?!?!

    Hollywood continually discriminates against women, look at payrolls; look at roles; look at casting and the ages of women that are able to work full-time AND those that are no longer able to get any work due to their "advanced" age.

    One WOULD THINK that it would be easy to have both sexes equally represented in a movie, wouldn't you?

    All I can do is let out a deep, exasperated breath because it is sad that 50% (and more as age progresses beyond 18) of the population lacks representation in cultural entertainment. 

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  • SUPER4geditTANK

    I'm back! Back from this break and thank god it wasn't lasting until 6/20, so I'm back on my job!

    Kanazagr and Oganesson, you will now see me back at work, again helping building the wiki!


    Kanazagr, you are allowed to keep your admin rights, and may feel free to utilize them if nessecary.

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  • SUPER4geditTANK

    I'm a person who is dedicated to contribute to wikis if possible and trying my best to remain active as well as keeping it clean. Please acept me as one, and I'll help as much as possible! The admins are not really active. Last time we see User:AwesomeOrange89 edited was in Ferbruary 4 (his contributions). User:Iloveminion2 is a classic vandal, who was obvioutly the sucessor sockpuppet account to User:Iloveminion. There are even more like them and these guys are not even blocked, and they kept vandalizing here. VSTF won't be here, and none of the admins are editing for a month. If you positive contributors wanna give support, open it up for adoption! While I request for admin and bureaucratic rights (if supported) via adoption, currently e…

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  • Gb98786
    1. Despicable Me…4:13
    2. Fun, Fun, Fun…3:26
    3. Prettiest Girls…3:19
    4. Rocket’s Song…4:03
    5. Just A Cloud Away…2:56
    6. Happy…3:53
    7. There’s Something Special…3:44
    8. Chuck Berry…3:15
    9. Freedom…2:43
    10. Doowit…4:02
    11. Hug Me (Feat. Trey Parker)…2:20
    12. Yellow Light…3:37
    • Total Length…39:31
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  • TomVanilla

    Each villain would now be nice. We will talk some more soon.

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  • Tame Jailbreak

    Well guys, did you know i am preceded by Twenty One Plotis? Well, name changes.

    I will spend most times at The Emoji Wikia since my usernames was changed to Tame Jailbreak.

    Links: Read the comment

    But anyways, I still will online at DM wiki.

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  • Tame Jailbreak

    Well, i can be the user that made most cooperation, beacuse im the #1 contributers of this wiki.

    But, since Oct 8, i will spend less times in all of the FANDOM powered by Wikia, the following reasons was:

    I had the important exams start from Oct 8 and ended on Oct 12.

    So guys i will do less cooperation since Oct 8.

    This happens end at Oct 12.

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  • Tame Jailbreak

    Guys after I go to Youtube and searching "Polandball Wiki FANDOM",If found a video about Polandball Wiki Song Contests.So I wanted to make Despicable Me Wiki great again,so I planned to make "DMWSC (Despicable Me Wiki Song Contests)".

    NOTICE : this idea has been disabled beacuse of no helper of founder until Oct 6.

    It will posted at Water Cooler Board,the first contests will posted at tomorrow.So please stanby.

    It was a games that very similar to the votings, but all is about song votes.It was mean I write the song titles and the country where singer born, you just write the song titles at the notes and go to Youtube search it.If you found one songs that we're very nice, please tell it at the DMWSC threads.But every threads of DMWSC had the s…

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  • Tame Jailbreak

    Never said me this

    September 24, 2017 by Tame Jailbreak

    Guys,im Twenty One Plotis.

    After you saw my username,you will said im speak "Pilots" wrong.

    But the real facts was,im formerly want spell "Pilots",but it said the username has been taken.

    So,im think another names,

    later i call myself "Twenty One Plotis" at FANDOM.

    Twenty One Plotis (talk) 07:08, September 24, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Aballofred


    September 18, 2017 by Aballofred

    Is more than you think.

    1. He is underage. Proof here:

    He is 8 years old.

    1. He also has sended me death threats, and said bad things about me. ._.
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  • Walidos00

    Great minion game !

    September 17, 2017 by Walidos00

    Hey guys this is a new minions game that I personally enjoyed 

    Perfect graphics and great stimulation :

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  • LucyWildey

    Stop thinking these things

    September 17, 2017 by LucyWildey

    Guys this is off-topic blog.

    When i said unhealthy foods like chocolates,ice creams,snacks and soft drinks,you will think they must be unhealthy.


    Actually,most of snacks had introducing the sugars,sugars will give you more powers.

    And burger,it had bread with carbohydrates,vegatables with vitamins and meat with proteins.

    Chocolates and ice cream introducing milk with proteins.

    So world actually haven't unhealthy foods.

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  • StingyKevin


    August 31, 2017 by StingyKevin

    Guys Im had an Idea about made Q&A,You guys can ask questions at comment below.After you ask me I will answered it.


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  • SpongeBobFan2003

    Make Chat Active

    August 24, 2017 by SpongeBobFan2003

    We should make chat more active

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  • FranceGotcha

    Guys,Im FranceGotcha.

    If you want see more info about me,then go to Polandball Wiki.

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  • Hogan WONG Elite

    A few days ago I made a post called Gru Zinkerbell. After this hard work, it has been deleted. I like him because he's so funny. Can somebody improve it?

    P.S I will revive it.

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  • Oganesson

    It has been a week after the film available to watch in the US. I am currently trying to create some articles to expand the wiki, especially about the film, yet, I can't find some good screenshots of the film, while what the trailers can provide is limited (the film is still in "pre-order" process).

    And so, what I can do now is to expand some what is already known, such as the plot and character descriptions (for those who want to prevent spoilers, I will put the Template:Spoiler notice above the article or the section). If you are interested in helping expanding the articles, welcome! And be sure to write them in the proper form and you can also see some existing articles to unify the format.

    As to some desired content, I list them here as …

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  • ToonLinkMinions11

    Anti-Minion Fandom

    December 15, 2016 by ToonLinkMinions11

    Did you know that some people hate the Minions so much because they're everywhere in merchandise and Facebook? Well, there is a subreddit called MinionHate which it's about people hating and insulting the Minions.

    I actually like the Minions, along with everyone in this wiki, but hating the Minions is just... ugh, unnecessary. -_-

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  • TheSitcomLover

    Agnes' Voice Actress

    December 14, 2016 by TheSitcomLover

    Why different in the third film?

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  • SuperSpiderman


    October 13, 2016 by SuperSpiderman


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  • Oganesson

    This is for World Smile Day.

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  • Xia Shangzhou

    Minion Rush icons

    June 29, 2016 by Xia Shangzhou

    The icon of Minion Rush updates so frequently, so I decided to work like this from now on: everytime I (or other users who can find the better file) upload the icon two times, one is called as "File: MR-x.x.x.png" and it'll be put in Despicable Me: Minion Rush/Gallery#App Icons; the other one, actually identical file, will be uploaded as the new version of "File:Minion Rush icon.png".

    Note that I make these duplicated file on purpose, because their usage are different. Similar way can also be implemented to other game articles.

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  • Da jumper

    I'm Fabian and I'm new in "the house".

    I play MR for a long time with much gusto =), but so far without a real community to share important news, informations and questions.

    So now I hope I'm in the right community for this xD.

    Has anybody of you finished them already ?

    What are the gifts?

    Are they the same for everyone?

    Are they worth to play at all ?

    Cause at the first "Jelly Jobs" about one month ago, at the end I was very angry about the gifts!!! Just the first one, one "blueprint" was it worth to play in my opinion.

    Thank a lot, sincerely Fabian, [despicable factor 210] Read more >
  • Xia Shangzhou

    Since April 21th, Minions Paradise Wikia has been redirected to this wiki, as that wiki has been abandoned for a year due to the leaving of OsLoz, the founder of that wiki. Actually before the mergence, our wiki has created many contents related to Minions Paradise.

    It's not the first time we merge related wiki. At August 13th, 2014, we also merged Minion Rush Wiki, and other smaller Wikis, such as Minion(s) Wiki, were also redirected to this big family.

    So, take a look at Minions Paradise and more related articles, and don't hesitate to improve them if you know them well!

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  • Hulk628

    Bob in Despicable Me 3?

    April 10, 2016 by Hulk628

    I have 2 polls for you people!

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  • Xia Shangzhou

    Minion's name

    March 1, 2016 by Xia Shangzhou

    After several changes of this wiki, there are 26 minions whose names are confirmed. The complete list of these minions is showed here:


    The resource of the names are undoubtedly from Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, Minions (film), and some mini-movies.

    For some reason, sometimes the revisions of this template can't update in time, so if you want to know the names of some notable minions, please take a look at the template directly!

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  • Xxx BlazeItLaith xxx

    Hello all,

    So when i went into the chat "Gru's Lair" i found it had a settings window with some cool options. Also how did you change the name. Please do not respond with fake things.

    - Xxx BlazeItLaith xxX

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  • Molothrus Aeneus

    Bello to everyone!

    I'm currently checking which articles are missing related to the Minions movie, as well articles which content can be expanded. So I can expect them to be finished before DM3 gets a teaser trailer (or using another time measure, before Secret Life of Pets premiers)

    One point I've noticed, is that so far we only got one location related to the movie (Villain-Con), and I'm not sure which locations add, my dobuts spawn from most locations are related being London's historical places, I've made a list so far...

    • Villain-Con
    • Scarlet's Castle
    • Tower of London (?)
    • Buckingham Palace (?)
    • Wesminster Abbey (?)

    And I dunno if I should add more locations to it, I hope we're able to disscus it on the comments.

    Kinda dumb to write a blog, special…

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  • Mingerso

    Squash are perfect for minion decorating! I only made one, but could see you having an army of minions on your front porch waiting for trick or treaters! 

    How are you decorating for Halloween? Will you be using minions? 

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  • Molothrus Aeneus

    Dear God

    July 19, 2015 by Molothrus Aeneus
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  • The Wiggles


    July 16, 2015 by The Wiggles

    It's been almost a year since I've done ANYTHING here. I've decided to return to the Despicable Me fandom. I'm sure either you guys all missed me, or I've problably been off this wikia so long you guys forgot about me. But I won't really worry about it. Hopefully you guys remember me. Anyways, did any of you guys see the Minion movie? I did a few days ago.

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  • Molothrus Aeneus

    After Minions has been released on the US and the "Anti-Spoiler Policy" is not longer in use. What are your thoughts on the movie? Did you like it? Did it met your expectations? Do you think it didn't ruin the canon shown in the first DM? In case of not seeing it in English, did you like the dubbing? Were the startalents VA's good? Want to rant on it? Leave what you thought of the movie on the comments!

    According to calculus, as of July 10th, 2015, 720 days until DM3 Electric Boogalee is out. And also, are you looking foward to Secret Life of Pets, Illumination's next movie?

    -UltraDizu Molothrus Aeneus Non plus ultra. 22:28, July 10, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Cbohlig

    Hi Fellow Minion lovers,

    My name is Chris, and I am a Marketing Associate at a company called Gemr ( based out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Gemr is an online community for collectors who want to buy, sell, trade, or just show off what they’ve collected. Our goal is to create a social platform where collectors can make connections with people who collect similar things and share their passions.

    Our site features a variety of different clubs and we are interested in starting a club devoted to Despicable Me Minions. We know there are a lot of Minion fans out there but not a lot of places to post, sell, or share your rare collection and simply tell your story about it. We want to bring all the aspects of many sites into one to deliver …

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  • ToonLinkMinions11


    June 28, 2015 by ToonLinkMinions11

    This wiki needs a cursor, like a minion cursor. BTW, this is my first blog post on this wiki.

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  • Spongebob194

    Minions (film) had premiered on 17 June, 2015, not July 2015 at my place. But I hasn't watch it.

    But I see some schedules on Cinema!

    FAQ's? only on

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  • Dragonknight86

    So long Wikia

    June 17, 2015 by Dragonknight86
    By the time you read this, my account will have been disabled

    On July 27, 2013, I created this account and made my first edit on the LEGO Wiki. Fastforward to August 6, 2013, I made my first edit here. Fastforward to June 17, 2015. Today I officially leave Wikia. In my 1 year, 10 months, and 677 days on Wikia, I've met some of the coolest people (Amiro, yes you are on top of the list), and I've had some amazing times as well.

    Out of everyone that I'm gonna miss is probably.... actually I don't know, I'm gonna miss you all! So all in all, I want to thank everyone for letting me have such a wonderful time on Wikia, but I believe it's time for me to fly. Until then, take care

    Dragonknight86, a former Wikia editor and former admin of Despicable M…

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  • Porag Aman


    May 21, 2015 by Porag Aman
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  • BreBreLasha

    hi you guys i just want o say today the weekend i dont want anybody to be bored to this weekend so dont be lame and turn up for me which me go to a party and have fun

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  • Mr.bhoot

    Think Like a Child

    May 11, 2015 by Mr.bhoot


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  • JCGaming


    April 26, 2015 by JCGaming
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  • Molothrus Aeneus

    So far I've been noticing the recent creation of Minion Rush event-related articles (like the Holiday Quest from last year's December, the Wedding Party for February, and I guess soon a page for the April Fools will be created), but there is no category for events, so, we disscuss here the possible name as well confirmation for the event's category? (Category: Minion Rush Events?)

    I've also thinking of creating a template for events... it is possible to be made?

    -UltraDizu The Deudizian Warrior Write me a friendship letter. 03:02, March 30, 2015 (UTC)


    >April Fools event
    >Held on Eduardo's house
    >Most Latinamerican countries celebrate April Fools in November

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  • Molothrus Aeneus

    Hope this won't get deleted, but I wanted to share this liquid soap dispenser I brought. It costed almost 200 pesos (about 13 USD)

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  • AwesomeOrange89


    March 4, 2015 by AwesomeOrange89


    So I just saw this video while looking for Social Media page. It's really funny, especially at the end. Go watch it!!!!

    ~AwesomeOrange89, Senior Administrator

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  • Dragonknight86

    Some updates this month:

    • Finish reformatting templates
    • Opened up a Social Media Manager job
    • Fix up minion rush item pages

    Interested in being notified when new update blogs are posted? Email us at! 

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  • Big Brother 99

    From Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 we have seen the Minions have their funny moments, but I have found the best minion moments and they are featured in a youtube video and which is the one featured below.

    The clip will show you Bob an many other minions which I find funny even though I am 23 and almost 24 years of age. But we all have an inner kid in us all. So what do you think of the clip? Do you think they are funny? Please comment in the section below your point of view. I will put them up in this blog post with your names attached.

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  • Dragonknight86

    Some updates this month:

    • All navigation templates will be updated.
    • This wiki has 325 pages.
    • The wiki has been redesigned.

    Interested of being notified when new update blogs are posted? Email us at! 

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  • SJenson

    I'm done.

    December 21, 2014 by SJenson

    Guys, I know I haven't been here for a long time. Ever since I joined, Wikia has never been so fun. Everything about coding, templates, etc. got me addicted to Wikia. However as time passes by, my interest in Wikia is slowly fading away at a rapid pace, ever since my college life started.

    After thinking about it for a long time, I've decided:

    I'm done with Wikia. Yes, I'm officially done.

    To be honest, my college life sucked. There are too many things to handle and they are pushing me over the edge. I'm not even sure if I have the time to visit here again. I can still manage to maintain my results somehow, though they are nowhere near good enough. IMHO, there is no point for me to stay here for any longer.

    To all the admins of Despicable Me Wik…

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  • Dragonknight86

    2014 Wiki Objectives

    November 10, 2014 by Dragonknight86

    In order to stay on track with our 4 year plan that our Senior Administator, AwesomeOrange89, devised a little while ago. According to his plan, he devises we get all images licensed (Which has been going very well), fix all vandalism, fix spelling, build up all stubs, get all coding right, and replace all low quality images (Ok, I actually added the last one XP), but it needs done. If we want to stick to this plan, we need to do the following objectives. I've tried to narrow down pages and images that need fixed under the plans format.

    • All images in the gallery section on the Despicable Me: Minion Rush page need sorted and moved to Despicable Me: Minion Rush/Gallery. Any low quality image that Going on Minion Rush and …
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  • SJenson

    Minions 2015 - Updates

    November 3, 2014 by SJenson

    First of all, I'm sorry that I missed the Halloween contest/event. (My vote would be on Dragonknight86)

    Anyway, it looks like Universal Studios has released another teaser poster of the upcoming movie we've been anticipating, Minions.

    They have released a more detailed synopsis of the movie as well. (Potential Spoiler Alert)

    The story of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions begins at the dawn of time. Starting as single-celled yellow organisms, Minions evolve through the ages, perpetually serving the most despicable of masters. After accidentally killing off so many of them—from T. Rex to Napoleon—the Minions find themselves without a master to serve and fall into a deep depression.

    But one Minion named Kevin has a plan,…

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