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Brad (or Bradley) is one of the Minions.


Despicable Me[]

He is first seen when Gru tells the Minions about stealing the moon. He is later seen with other minions (i.e. Paul, Kevin (now with combed hair), Tom or Jerry, Jorge, Phil, Mark, Larry (with combed hair), etc.). Later, he is later seen when Gru is having a pep talk and can be seen carrying a chair with a minion on it (possibly Jorge). Later, we see him saluting Gru when he falls on the Airship. Later, we can spot him getting a goodnight kiss and cheering for the girls between Stuart and Larry.

Despicable Me 2[]

He is first seen running away with the other Minions, Later, you can see him with Chris, Nathan, Eugene and other minions getting ice cream from the ice cream truck, Unexpectedly, the ice cream truck sucks up all the minions like a vacuum. Later, he can be seen at the beach playing volleyball with Nathan, he is seen as an evil minion (the one with the fiery hair), he chases Gru, Dave, and Stuart then gets reverted back to normal with the jelly (off-screen). When the camera switches back, you can see two evil minions attempt to attack him. At the end, we see him doing the YMCA dance and taking a picture until an evil minion appeared.

Despicable Me 3[]

He is seen standing with Mel (right side: Brad, Tony, Carl, Jerry middle: Mel left side: Kevin, Stuart, Tom) He is seen in the jail scene.

Other Appearances[]


He Heard Jerry Saying Banana in a Slow-Motion Voice.


  • He looks just like Jerry.
  • Brad or a minion similar to him was meant be a one-eyed minion or a plump minion with sprout-cut hair, but it ended up being scrapped.
  • He looks similar to Jorge and Carl.