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Let's go Clive, we've got a giant robot waiting.
— Bratt tells Clive that his robot is waiting back at his lair, after kidnapping Margo, Edith and Agnes, in disguise as Lucy.

Balthazar Bratt owns a giant robot which used to attack Hollywood, as part of his revenge of his TV show being canceled.


Bratt's Giant Robot is a heavily armed robot used by Bratt to terrorise Hollywood. The robot itself is tall.

There are two components in the robot, the one being the hold where Margo, Edith and Agnes were placed at, and the other being the control room.

It is equipped with a laser which powers from a Dupont Diamond, and is armed with Bratt Packs and also equipped with a dispenser which arms chewing gums.


Despicable Me 3[]

At Hollywood, Bratt's giant robot self-replica emerges from the ocean and begins attacking the city, shooting his expanding gum all over the city as several people run in terror. Edith demands Bratt to release her and her sisters, and Bratt complies by casually placing the girls (and the goat) on the ledge of a building to give them a perfect view of the destruction he is causing. After shooting enough of the gum, Bratt uses the robot's diamond-powered splash-damage laser cannon to begin separating Hollywood from the ground to let it drift off.

Gru, Dru, and Lucy arrive at Hollywood to see Bratt's robot attacking the city and Dru realize Bratt's plan due to having watched Evil Bratt. The Minions parachute out of their aircraft and onto the expanding gum and desperately try to pop it (by using chainsaws, gardening forks, lightning rods on umbrellas and even TNT), but it is too strong and sturdy. While Lucy rescues the girls, Gru and Dru shoot Bratt's robot with several missiles. Unfortunately, they prove to be ineffective and Bratt has his Bratt-pack (modified Evil Bratt dolls) bring down Gru and Dru's plane, and the two brothers leap out of the aircraft before it crashes and then explodes. Dru uses the suction on his spy suit to land on the robot's chest plate (without Bratt noticing), while Gru lands hard on the ground, knocking him unconscious. Seeing the unconscious Gru, Bratt begins firing his laser towards him, but before the beam can reach Gru, Dru destroys the robot's generator, causing it to collapse.


  • This giant robot is inspired by the childhood of Balthazar Bratt.
  • The interior of giant robot resembles Emotions' Headquarters from 2015 Disney Pixar film Inside Out.