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Bratt's Lair is a location that is owned by Balthazar Bratt and located at nearby ocean of Freedonia. It has lots of developed security weapons, including the poisonous spikes, face scanner and mini-missiles.


Despicable Me 3[]

After Balthazar Bratt steals the world's biggest diamond from one museum in Paris, France, the diamond is secured in Bratt's Lair. Bratt and his robot, Clive, were watching the TV advertisement of Evil Bratt toys. And Bratt asks why Hollywood can canceled the Evil Bratt show. And later, Bratt said:

And you, Hollywood!

This time, I'm canceling YOU!


The second appearances was that Balthazar Bratt was doing excercises. And Bratt said he wanted to watch one very special episode of Evil Bratt. Bratt said he want to make things in the episode reality (making giant robots). Felonious Gru was discussing the things about Bratt's Lair with his twin brother, Dru Gru. Later they wearing the villain suits made by Robert Gru.

Felonious Gru and Dru Gru were starting the mission after discussing. Felonious Gru said Dru Gru should stay on the boat, but Dru Gru still wanted to on the mission so he jumped to the wall at the lair. Dru Gru was falling to the poisonous spikes, but luckily, he was controlled, so he never got killed by the spikes. They both entered the lair when Balthazar Bratt was still sleeping with the diamond. Unfortunately, Dru Gru stepped on the toys that had the sounds it made if you stepped on them. Gru and Dru were hiding under the bed, and Bratt was woke up later. Gru was trying to take the diamond but Bratt was nearly forgot it, so Bratt took it later. Gru was leading Dru, over the storage room of Bratt packs and bubble gum factory. Then Dru was interested so he took one toy, but the laser affected his eyes.He also tried to take one bubble gum and eat it down. The first time, it was noticed by Gru but the second time it wasn't noticed by Gru.

They both followed Bratt, and Gru saw Bratt's giant robot. Dru had bubbles on his nose and mouth, and Gru told him to be quiet. Unfortunately, the sound was heard by Clive, and Balthazar Bratt started to attack Gru and Dru. Gru and Dru won because Bratt got stuck by the bubble gum, and Gru stole the diamond. Bratt called his Bratt Pack to chase after them. Luckily, Dru and Gru escaped the lair before the Bratt Pack killed them.


  • It's unknown on what happened to the lair after Bratt was arrested by AVL for destroying Hollywood and stealing the diamond, possibly it has now become abandoned or disused.


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