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Bratt's Lair is a location in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It is the sixteenth location to be featured in the game and was introduced in update 4.7.0 in June 2017. The location is based off of the fortress of Balthazar Bratt in Despicable Me 3.


Bratt's Lair is the first location to appear only in Despicable Me 3. The location is surrounded by sea, just like Anti-Villain League; the minion will be delivered to the building by an aircraft controlled by other minions, entering it from a small door on the giant Rubik's Cube. The interior of the place is similar to Gru's Lab and Anti-Villain League, and colorful busts of Balthazar Bratt can be seen background at turns of the track.

The running track of the location is deep blue with lighter lattices on it, and there is separation of the three available tracks. Obstacles featured in this location include a speed booster-like track with Bratt's gum on it, which can trap the minion and cause the end of the game, while the punchers aside and rolling obstacles work like those in Gru's Lab and The Volcano. There's also a slide that resembles a glowing force field that can deliver the minion smoothly and there's no obstacle on it.

There's a secret area of more features. Once the minion enters, Banana Splitter and Banana Vacuum can be picked up to collect bananas, and Bratt's living room, gym room and bedroom can be seen in the way. Bratt's Lair lacks a boss, however, this is still the fortress of Balthazar Bratt.


  • At the screen obstacles, there's a minion behaving identically to that of bathroom obstacles as seen in The Arctic Base (both are seemingly waiting for the bathroom badly).
  • Seen when exiting the secret area are Bratt's posters for the TV shows that he likes.
  • Minion fail animations that are only found in this locations and nowhere else include:
    • Hitting a wall or holey plant, falling backwards, and shrugging,
    • Sometimes screaming in pain and falling over
    • Being hit by a rolling log and giving a thumbs up,
    • Stepping into bubblegum and being trapped in a pink bubble.


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