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Buckingham Palace is a location in the film Minions. It is where Queen Elizabeth II, Bob, and Scarlet Overkill reside when they become monarch of England.


After receiving the crown from Queen Elizabeth II, Bob sits in a car and is taken to the palace. He doesn't leave the car until the entire guard of the palace is changed into minion outfits. Then Bob gives a speech although no one understands Minionese.

The servants open the door of the large building inside the palace, and the Minions just fool around: Bob keeps playing hide-and-seek and makes a servant unable to find him, and later a painter makes a portrait for him; Stuart is in the jacuzzi with two yellow hydrants (which he calls them Claire and Tiffany); Kevin plays polo with a Corgi, and a huge team of athletes Riding Corgis also play with him in the same way.

However, when Bob is sleepy when waiting for the portrait, Stuart plays guitar, Kevin plays cricket with Corgi, Scarlet breaks in the room the Minions are at and is furious about what they have done. To calm her down, Bob acts as a judge, changes the law, and then abdicates in favor of Scarlet. Scarlet then fools the Minions and they are taken to an underground dungeon of the palace. But the Minions don't get hurt at all, so Herb Overkill doesn't torture them seriously.

In the meantime, Scarlet Overkill is with a hairstylist, Fabrice. Fabrice accidentally offenses Scarlet and is thrown out of the palace by the cannon attached in Scarlet's new dress, so Herb needs to do the remaining works for her. The Minions later escape the dungeon and go to Westminster Abbey through a sewer.

The palace is also where later Kevin is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, and the location Scarlet and Gru get the crown.


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