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Queen Elizabeth II



Butlers - Who live in Buckingham Palace with the Queen, the Athletes and the Corgis. Minions appear in the film, and one Butler appears in Despicable Me 2.


He is first seen, after Bob's coronation, they open the door inside Buckingham Palace, and the Minions just start enjoying themselves: Bob is rolling on the stairs, Kevin already knows how to play polo and cricket. First, he plays polo with the Corgi, and also a huge team of athletes plays with him and they have fun races for the corgis, Stuart in the jacuzzi, Bob plays hide and seek, which the butler cannot find him. And a little later, the artist will rub it on him. Stuart plays guitar, Kevin plays cricket with the Corgi. And then Scarlet Overkill appears with a huge lava pistol. And gets hit with a cricket ball. And he adapts the Royal Corgi that lies to her. But Scarlet throws the Corgi back on the floor, scaring the artist. And the corgi whimpers. A little later, the Minions give him the crown, it's actually hers. A little later, the butler reports that there are more laws.

Prior to Scarlet's coronation, her husband Herb Overkill helps to dress.

And the butler carries tea, but he leaves. They appear at the end of the film, being awarded by Queen Elizabeth II, a small crown for Bob's teddy bear, Stuart's electric guitar (she gave him a snow globe first), and Kevin at the knights. But then Scarlet and her husband imperceptibly appear, and they again stole the crown, but it is not known, or either she received a new one.