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Let's catch some butterflies!
— Notice of the game
Butterfly catch

Butterfly Catch is a mini-game in Minions Paradise.


The mini-game is consisted of several artificial hives and a lawn surrounded by a bush. It requires two minions to play.

When it starts, the player needs to click the screen to make minions catch butterflies with their nets, but they need to avoid hitting bees or they will be stung. The minions need to catch as many butterflies as they can in limited time, and it takes 5 minutes to play the mini game again.


  • The point of each butterflies are: 1 for blue ones, 5 for red ones, and 10 for purple ones.
  • When touching a bee, the score decreases 1.
  • Two actions need to be avoided: tap the minions when no butterflies are around, or the net hit the other minion. The result of the first one is that the minions falls down and that of the second one is the other minions falls, and both will cause them unable to catch butterflies before they get up.
  • When a bee is hit by a minion, he stops and yelps; there are several different kinds of scream that can be heard.