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Bee-do, bee-do
— Carl

Carl is one of the Minions.


Carl is a small, one-eyed minion with buzz-cut hair. He is seen wearing flashing lights on his head, and he has a megaphone that he says "Bee-do" in.


Carl is a fun-loving minion who enjoys his time with his fellow minions.


Despicable Me 2

When Gru sets his telephone on fire, Carl goes in Gru's Office acting as fire siren along with two minions in a firefighter attire who try to extinguish the fire, much to Gru's annoyance, who snatches away the megaphone and leaves. Carl continues to act as a fire siren (with the same loudness as with the megaphone ), much to the annoyance of Stuart, who grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays Carl out of the room.

Due to this, Carl may be referred to as the Beedo Minion.

Despicable Me 3

When Gru and Lucy were attempting to go and catch Balthazar Bratt. Carl with another minion, Jerry joined as well. When Lucy blasted Gru's hydrocycle with the minions, Gru landed on the ship and, Carl and Jerry landed on the beach and started acting like DJs.

Minions: The Rise of Gru

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Appearances in Other Media

Illumination Entertainment

Carl makes a cameo appearance in the opening title of Illumination Entertainment in Minions and Sing 2.

Minion Rush

When Minion Rush was released at June 10, 2013, there was only one minion in it, Dave wearing various outfits.

Carl's firefighter outfit appears as a playable costume, Bee-do; but the minion is still Dave, so the minion costume still remains two-eyed, instead of one-eyed in original design.

On March 23 in 2015, however, Gameloft Company, the developer of Minion Rush, announced that Carl would become the second minion that would be available in the game. Then, on March 25, Carl minion was released and was available to purchase from 2.6.1 version of the game along with the new location Eduardo's House. His initial cost was $19.99, and after the purchase, players were allowed to revive once by spending 5,000 bananas, and their minion would change from Dave to Carl or vice versa. Players would also upgrade Carl to get permanent despicable multiplier increase.

In the game, Carl couldn't make any items last longer, but if the player had picked up an item before revival, the item last span would inherit from the previous costume while the following items wouldn't. His acceleration was also faster than Dave during the run.

Since the update until the 2.8.1 update (May 6, 2015), Dave was replaced by Carl on the Minion Rush icon. In addition, Dave and Carl appear together in the icon in 3.1.0 update.

Since game version 6.1.0, Carl has a different purpose in the game. He is no longer a stand-alone character to switch to from Dave, but a Wardrobe character blended in with the rest of the costumes and hats. In the jelly lab versions, Carl, as well as Jerry and Mel had a separate section in the Costumes part of the Shop, but in the latest versions all four characters and their costumes / hats are grouped in one place, the Wardrobe. Carl, as well as the other costumes / characters have new abilities.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Cost 40 cards / 10 coins 20 cards / 500 coins 40 cards / 1,200 coins 100 cards / 3,300 coins
Passive Ability Collect 200% more stars on the Moon
Power-Up duration 10s 14s 18s 22s
SP's given 20 10 15 25
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Cost 200 cards / 7,600 coins 400 cards / 17,300 coins 800 cards / 39,200 coins 1,600 cards / 88,000 coins
Passive Ability Collect 200% more stars on the Moon
Power-Up duration 26s 30s 34s 38s
SP's given 35 70 115 175

Minions Paradise

Carl in Minions Paradise

Carl is also a playable character in Minions Paradise, as Bee-do.

By unlocking enough quests from Celebration Station, he will appear on some of the new appearing quests; once they are completed, Bee-do can be unlocked - he floats in the sea and then arrives the beach near Phil's Bar. He has some quests which needs help from Phil, and he sits at one of the seats of the bar. New stories of new quests can be unlocked by Celebration as well; before a new story is introduced/unlocked, he walks around the island like a normal minion and can be called for distractivities or making resources.

However, he can't be leveled up by tokens, just like French Maid.


Despicable Me 2


Chiquita Stickers

Minion Rush

Minions Paradise

Saturday Morning Minions



  • His line Bee-do has become a famous internet meme.


  • He is one of the few minions who aren't kidnapped by Eduardo.
  • His hair stands straight up in Despicable Me 3.


  • Carl is the only minion that appears in both Minion Rush and Minions Paradise.
  • If a player chooses to turn on notifications for Minion Rush, Carl's "Bee-do" quote will sound whenever a notification is received.



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