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— Gru upon using the Cheese Ray

The Cheese Ray or the Cheese Blaster is a weapon that was one of Gru's first gadgets. As of the end of Minions: The Rise of Gru and the beginning of Despicable Me, it's unknown of what became of it, since Gru doesn't use it anymore.


The Cheese Ray was created at some point by Gru, and became his first gadget.

Minions: The Rise of Gru[]

When Gru, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob stopped by an ice cream parlor, they saw that the line was long, since the customer in the front was taking a long time, since she was making the staff add more whip cream onto her ice cream. Terribly impatient, Gru takes out a can of Cheezy Blast and loads it into the Cheese Ray as ammo. He then proceeded to fire it at the line of customers and then onto a kid who was about to eat his ice cream, completely covering them in cheese. The only customer that Gru didn't fire his cheese ray at was a man wearing a white cap, who shielded himself with a magazine that he was reading. Satisfied, Gru and the Minions proceeded to cut through the line.

The staff employee, while holding several ice cream, fearfully begs Gru to not 'cheese' him. However, the latter just takes the ice cream cones and leaves while Bob places a teddy bear in a tip jar.


  • The way Gru uses his Cheese Ray in the ice cream parlor is nearly identical to the way he would use his Freeze Ray in a coffee shop in the first Despicable Me film.


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