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Chris Renaud (born December 1966) is an American storyboard artist, graphic designer, illustrator and director. He co-directs the Despicable Me series, along with Pierre Coffin. He also voices some of the Minions and the Italian Waiter. He also worked in The Lorax and The Secret Life of Pets, developed by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.


Feature Film Filmography[]

Year Film Position Company
2010 Despicable Me Director/Voice Actor (Minion Dave) Illumination Entertainment
2012 The Lorax Director/Voice Actor (Forest Animals)
2013 Despicable Me 2 Director/Voice Actor (Minions, Evil Minions and Italian Waiter)/Additional Character Designer
2015 Minions Executive Producer
2016 The Secret Life of Pets Director/Voice Actor (Norman)
Sing Additional Voices
2017 Despicable Me 3 Executive Producer/Additional Character Designer
2019 The Secret Life of Pets 2 Director
2024 Despicable Me 4 Director/Actor (Minion Josh, Minion Tom, Minion John, Cockroaches, and Übelschlecht)

Animated Shorts Filmography[]

Year Film Position Company
2010 Home Makeover Executive Producer/Character Designer Illumination Entertainment
Orientation Day
2012 Wagon Ho! Executive Producer/Voice Actor (Forest Animals)
Forces of Nautre Executive Producer/Voice Actor (Pipsqueak)
Serenade Executive Producer
2013 Puppy
Panic in the Mailroom
Training Wheels
2015 Cro Minion Executive Producer/Voice Actor (Minions and Neanderthal Dad)
Competition Executive Producer/Voice Actor (Minions)
Binky Nelson Unpacified Executive Producer
2016 Mower Minions
Norman Television Executive Producer/Voice Actor (Norman)
Weenie Executive Producer


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