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The claw saver is putting back the minion

Claw Saver is an item in Minion Rush. It can continue the game if the minion loses in the run.


The claw saver is gray and metallic pliers. It is inspired by Banana, a mini-movie, which has a scene that two minions are trapped by claws that are originally used to grab bombs in the laboratory.

In Minion Rush, the player can use revivals to continue the game; by doing so, the claw will grab the minion, put it back to a lane, and the game resumes. The cost of the first revival is 20 tokens, and the cost will drastically increase if several revivals are used. The terminal cost of revives is between 8000 to 9000 tokens.

Players can get Free Revives as a perk (from silver prize pods and completing Claim daily task Rewards or Claim main daily task rewards in several Global Goals operations) to continue running instead of spending tokens.


  • After the 5-Year Celebration update (6.1.0), Free Revive is limited to one. and further revives only get by spending tokens.