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Clip Clip Hooray

Mike looks at you!

Clip Clip Hooray is the 10th and final episode season 4 of Saturday Morning Minions.

At Gru’s garden in the Gru's House, The Minions are cutting and mowing the lawn. Alazraqui sings and cuts the bushes but he cuts Kevin’s suit, Kevin cuts Alazraqui’s suit. Alazraqui cuts Dave’s suit and the minions laugh… …but Alazraqui & Dave start a fight! Dave cuts Stuart’s suit, Alazraqui fails to cut Mil’s suit… …but a teeny tiny cute scissors cut Mil’s suit. Carter runs away from the cut fight but his suit gets cut. Chris, Zorex (with the sprout hair) & Jerry runs from the scissors. He runs slowly. Alazraqui cuts Daggett, Todd & Mike. Mike looks at you! Kevin & Alazraqui cuts the bush minion’s suit. All the minions run and grabs scissors and stop and see if the suits are cut, the minions are laughing. But Alazraqui cuts his underwear …and… …HE’S NAKED! The minions laugh.. …and THEY RESUME THE FIGHT!