Competition is a short film that is attached to the Blu-Ray release of the film Minions. Its main plot is about two minions competing in various ways in a secret bomb laboratory.


Once upon a time, there are two minions who are working in an underground Secret Bomb Lab. One of them is two-eyed with buzz-cut hair and the other one is one-eyed with combed hair (resembles Stuart). They are bored, so the two-eyed minion (referred as "the minion" below) throw a waste paper ball into a trash can. In response, his partner does the same thing but in farther distance; so he throws another paper ball again in even farther distance and throw it in his opposite direction. So the minion teases his partner.

But there's two pairs of boxing mittens. So a ring is activated, they begin to fight and fight with fingers in later part. Soon their mittens are removed, they begin to slap each other by bare hands. At last, the minion knocks his partner out of the ring. His partner takes thrusters and another competition begins, they bind those thrusters on chairs; they begin to rush. In the path, there's a tall minion doing experiments but be disturbed by their accelerating rush. The minion is pushed by his partner on the walkway and some large bombs fall off; as the walkway and the minions' path go downstairs of the lab, so when a bomb crashes the walkway, they begin to fall. In their falling, the minion still wants to compete, they accelerate by escaping their chair, running, and then pulling falling bombs to try to make themselves faster than their opponents. But they can see that are reaching the bottom of the lab.

There's a shake that can be noticed even outside the laboratory, and smoke is emitted from the ground. The lab is seemingly seriously damaged. The minion notices a piece of paper fall onto his face, and the trash can that begins this competition, which is now burning black, also falls near to the minions. His partner then says, "Eh!"


  • The laboratory is in a deserted land, but the location has never appeared in the main movies. This lab is apparently different from Gru's House and Gru's Lab.


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