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Hi, how are you?
— Corgi in The Secret Life of Pets
— Corgi in Minions, when he howls and Kevin prepare to run more corgis in a polo

This article is about the Real World.

Corgi Les Minions 2015
Full name Corgi the Dog
Species Dog
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Orange

Queen Elizabeth II's pets, Jolly funny dogs, they love to play Polo and Cricket (one of Royal Corgi)


Cricket ball


Queen Elizabeth II

German Shepherd Biegel, black dog and other pets


Scarlet Overkill


Mower Minions
The Secret Life of Pets
Minions 3 (Maybe coming out soon)

Voiced by

Sound effect of dogs (Minions), howling like a wolf (mower minions), Some Man voices Corgi (The Secret Life of Pets)

Corgi (or Royal Corgi) - one of the characters pets in Minions. One of the dogs of the Corgi breed. Queen Elizabeth's pet. A cheerful funny dog who loves to play polo and cricket. These were Queen Elizabeth's favorite dog. They appear in Minions, Mower Minions, The Secret Life of Pets. It is currently unknown if he will appear in Minions 3.


The Corgi is Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog. He has orange fur, brown eyes, a fluffy tail, short paws, a blue collar with A gray tag with his name written on it, a black nose, ears like a sheepdog or a fox, and a white muzzle down to the belly up to the paw. In The Secret Life of Pets, one of the royal corgi from England in New York, wears a green collar with a tag.


Corgi are a fun, kind, playful, friendly, and sweet dog. They were like Queen Elizabeth's pets. Corgi loyal to Queen Elizabeth ll. He loves to play polo and cricket with Kevin (as shown in the film Minions, and one of the Royal Corgi took a ball in her mouth and runs away at the very end of the film in the final song Revolution), sometimes some corgi has a bad habit lick on Scarlet Overkill's cheek (when Kevin accidentally hit the ball in the eye of Scarlet and he gets right in the face and Scarlet Overkill takes the corgi out and licked and Scarlet Overkill throws the corgi on the floor in the palace). At the end of the film, one of the Royal Corgis licked one of the minions with it's mouth. In the mowers of the minions, one of the royal corgis took another bad crook to howl like a wolf. And in The Secret Life of Pets he was how friendly he was friends with other dogs and animals.

They can not be called, the most arrogant corgis in the whole world, they are the cutest corgis, not only them. But the Minions, they're also the cutest.



20220320 134319

Two male Royal Corgis and incredibly, the ball (in seridine)

Young Queen Elizabeth got only two corgis dogs, And then at some point, she got 9 more corgis. They all live together and amicably in the Queen Elizabeth's Buckingham palace, and so far, one day, Athletes have arrived playing polo on the Corgis. And at some point, the Queen Elizabeth II goes around London to ride a carriage, and she leaves her dogs corgis at home and Athletes and Royal Family. As shown in the photo in one of the rooms in Buckingham Palace.



Corgi's first appearance. Corgi in Minions. Corgi plays polo with Kevin, Corgi howls

After Bob's coronation, he and other corgis played polo and cricket at Buckingham Palace.

One of the royal Corgis, play polo with Kevin and barked and stood on her hind legs. And they run away near the frame. And the rest of the Corgis athletes also sat astride the Corgis and perfofmed the role of as race horses. But someone one of the athletes tortured the corgi, and one of the athletes someone just already One of the royal corgis is dead and hold a croquet club in his hands, and hold the other by the collar of the royal corgi.

Then corgi played cricket With Kevin as a dog pet.

And Kevin hit him with a ball and attacks Scarlet's face and licked her. And Scarlet Overkill throws the corgi on the floor back at Buckingham Palace, scares the artist. And he fell apart and whimpered.


Corgis and athletes at the ceremony on the lawn in front of Buckingham Palace (Mark on the left)

Near the end of the film, when Queen Elizabeth is once again Queen of England, she invites Kevin Stuart and Bob to the ceremony to arrange the ceremony, the athletes who are present at the beginning of the ceremony with the corgis, during the ceremony, the athletes, hugging them, standing with them, stood and held their corgis in their hands and they were motionless. One of the Royal corgis (Perhaps the royal main dog's leader) licking one of the minions Mark in her mouth. And he whines.

In the post-credits scene, the athletes throw him a ball for the royal Corgi and he again plays polo and 5 athletes and 5 corgis catch up with him.

Mower Minions[]


Corgi in Mower Minions. Corgi poops

Although, in this mini film you can see Corgi from minions, somewhere at some point Corgi is peeing, and one of the Minions removes the kacon on the package with the help of a thing, and at first he pleases, but then he is frightened and begins to howl like a wolf. And after one of them is inflated like an inflatable ball, Corgi runs after him and plays. And after what time he got tired of playing with him and was tired. After that, no one was seen.

The Secret Lite of Pets[]

IMG 20201010 101505

Corgi in The Secret Lite of Pets

He appears in The Secret Life of Pets (2016) at Pops's party, as one of the guests, with all the other animals. With other dogs they walk around and asks: Hi, how are you?". And he is answered by a beagle and a black dog. And a little later, as the cat Chloe got stuck in the pipe, she cleaned the chair Where the corgi dog sat there. The further His fate is unknown.

Minions 3[]

Coming soon

Appearances in Other Media[]

Minions: Long Live King Bob[]

One of the royal corgis appears in one of the pages in an English book.

Despicable Me Mineez[]

Once again, one of the royal corgis appears as a toy in the minions of the mower: a yard dog.

Minions (2015) cards[]

Corgi reappears in card 112 along with Kevin playing polo corgi. and several stickers with them. This card appeared in 2015 after the release of the cartoon Minions. And as a result, they are currently not for sale.

Minions (2015) puzzles through[]

time Corgi and Kevin appear as puzzles as a frame from the cartoon Minions (2015).

Minions Kevin riding on a Welsh Corgi. 【ミニオンズ】GO GO ドライブ ケビン[]

This toy appeared in Japan as a vehicle like Kevin from the movie and Corgi as a car from the movie.

Minions 2015 Tattoo Stickers[]

In 2015, tattoos with Kevin and Corgi from the film Miniona were sold. As a result, they are not currently for sale.

Minions Movie Book poster[]

On one of the pages of the book based on the film, Corgi and Kevin reappeared. it is written minions polo club.

Official Minions Movie Annual 2016[]

First, they are understood in a graphic novel. And then on the 3D model of Kevin and the Corgi.

Mower Minions Book[]

The corgi appears in the book. But for some reason, he has a black collar.

The Secret Life of Pets 2016 TV Commercial[]

The corgi appears in the TV commercial The Secret Life of Pets 2016 Advertisement, but it is on a collar without a collar. He was seen happily eating popcorn.


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