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This page is trivia about Corgi. Please add any trivia that pertain to that article.

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    This dogs is of the breed of Welsh Corgi
  • All corgis are men, (not women.) This can be seen dark blue or green.
  • In 2016, the short-length movie Mower Minions against the lawn was released in the cinema before and Corgi He appears.
  • In The Secret Life of Pets. And this corgi appear.
  • Perhaps this Corgi appears last in the first part of The Secret Life of Pets. Though we're not sure if they'll show up in Despicable Me 4.
  • In Minions and Mower Minions, they only bark and whine And howls like a wolf. But in the Secret Life of Pets, he somehow learned to speak like a talking dog Corgi.
  • Corgi is the first character from this studio after the upright corgi in sing 2.
  • In Minions, the age of these dogs is somewhere 42 years old, because the action takes place in 1968. Before the actions of Minions 2 and Despicable me, they (if they were still alive) would have been about 50 years old.
  • This corgi is very similar to the other corgi Rex from the the Queen's corgi: both have a short paw, both of them are a favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth, the tail (although the corgi has a fluffy tail than Rex, since it has a short tail).
  • Initially, the Corgi would have been small in stature and the other corgis larger, but the filmmakers refused to do so. To have the same little ones in the film.
  • The three corgis that the athletes hold at the end of the film, very much like Kevin, Stuart and Bob;Two of the royal corgis are tall, and one of the royal corgis is of average height.
  • In another storyline on the book, based on the film, they played polo corgis not at Buckingham Palace, but on the street. And also, they played cricket at the feet of the royal councilor.
  • If queen Elizabeth corgis were not boys but girls, then they would not play polo.
  • Corgis licked twice; first, we see when he attacks Scarlet Overkill in the face and licks him. And Scarlet throws the corgi back on the floor at Buckingham Palace, makes him bark. And at the end of the film, he was last seen, at one of the royal corgis, licking in the mouth to one of the minions. This means that they have a habit or they love or express love for others.
  • At the moment when Scarlet Overkill wants to kill them, the ball hits them in the face, and you can see on her lava gun mirror corgi, who stuck out his tongue.