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A cricket ball is a ball that athletes play polo riding a Corgis

(Kevin used to play Corgi polo at the Royal Queen's Elizabeth's Palace).


This red cricket ball appears in the 2015 Film Minions four times; first when Kevin is playing polo riding a Corgi in the Buckingham Palace, he throws a cricket ball for a Corgi nearby, then he starts hitting with a croquet mallet. And then Kevin and Corgi run away, and a huge team of athletes riding Corgis also plays with him in the same way.

Then he plays cricket with a Corgi with another cricket ball. As soon as Scarlet Overkill breaks down the door with a huge lava gun and a cricket ball hits Scarlett Overkill's face and Corgi attacks and Corgi smashes her face. But Scarlett throws the Corgi back on the floor, scaring the artist, and the Corgi falls apart and whimpers.

And in the scene after the credits, one of the Athletes throws a cricket ball to one of the Royal Corgis and takes the ball in his mouth and runs away somewhere and the Athletes on the Corgis stomp on Kevin.

26 11 2021