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Cro Minion is a short film that is included with the Blu-ray release of Minions. The short is set during the beginning of the film and it centers on two minions Clark and Ted taking care of the baby of a prehistoric human.


In a prehistoric times, a baby tells his father that he's hungry, so they go to find food in a wilderness. They find a few banana trees, but there are two minions, Clark and Ted. The last banana was just eaten by Clark. The father roars at them with fury, but his child stops him and he notices there's a wild ox far away. So the man goes to hunt for it and order the minions to take care of his child. The baby keeps hitting the minions with his catapult-like toy, so the minions have to bind him with vine and throw away his toy. But the baby then throws them with stones; the minions have to hide behind a remain, when the get out, the baby climbs up to the cliff for his toy, but he falls down and is taken away by a flying pterosaur in the air.

The baby is taken to the pterosaur's net. When the minions get there, he is knocking a giant egg with his toy. The minions are horrified, but the pterosaur is back, and the baby points at the minion. They have to escape by sliding in a skeleton, but the skeleton breaks into pieces after it goes through a cliff. The baby is taken by the pterosaur again, but this time the minions disturb it and it finally collides with the original cliff they are. The minions and the baby don't get hurt.

At this time, the man is just back with his ox, and the minion immediately clean up the vine and leaves to act as everything is fine. But the man just again orders the minions to cook the ox. After preparing the meal, the minions fight for who can eat first, but the whole ox is eaten by the baby. The man shows up and he finds that the food is gone. The baby again points to the minion again, which makes the man chases the minion angrily. The baby smiles sinisterly, but the pterosaur suddenly appears and grabs him away again, presumably killing and eating him.



  • The man in this short resembles the person that the Minions used to serve as their boss.
  • This mini-movie serves as a midquel to the Stone Age section of Minions.


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