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Croquette stick is an object in Minions. Kevin is used to hit a cricket ball in a polo game riding a corgis. And also a huge team of athletes also used.


He is first seen by this object when Kevin, clothing in a polo costume, is sitting on a corgi, and swinging the ball somewhere. Then, Kevin Holds the croquet and the other by the collar of the corgi, and shouts to the other corgis and athletes on the corgis, they run. Then, as they run away from the frame, a huge team of royal athletes also join them to a polo game on horseback on a corgi. However, one of them, without a stick, that one athlete, holds a corgi, he, one of the athletes, drags a corgi across the floo.

He can again be seen in the post-credits scene, where five athletes on the corgi, again playing polo on the corgis, trampling Kevin.