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Dan (or Daniel) is a one of the minions. He appears in Minion Scouts and Gumball Machine.


Dan is a two-eyed minion with combed hair. Not a plump minion that killian tube show


Dan was watching a puppet show made by Fred. When the girls return from camp. This interested the minions including Dan, but they fail at everything. Causing Brad to be eat by a giant Venus flytrap. Fred was caught by a bear and didn't returning. When they try to start a fire, Mason gets a rocket to try to start the fire but causes a tsunami. After the camp disaster Dan, Brad and Mason to came. When the girls ask them how it went they cried. The girls felt bad for them so they gave them badges.



Dan In The Lorax

  • A man who shares the same name with Dan appeared in the beginning of Despicable Me 3
  • In The Lorax, there is also a person named Dan.