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Darwin is one of the Minions, only appears in Banana (Film).


Darwin is a one eyed minion with combed hair.


Darwin sees Lary trying to get the banana. He later asks him to share, but Lary refuses to. So they fight, and a tall minion notices and joins the banana fight.

Darwin gets picked up by the cranes of the rocket factory, along with Lary. They were soon released after the tall minion presses the correct button, but releases the rockets also.

Minion Crane

Darwin (left) and Lary (right) gets picked up by the cranes.

Darwin and the other minions are being chased by some minions, they manage to escape, but sees lots of minions and start running away. The minion crowd begins to grab the banana, causing it to launch out of the peel. Later, they chase another minion with an apple.


Darwin looks like Stuart, but in that film Darwin is another minion.

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