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Darwin is one of the Minions who first appears in Banana, then Despicable Me 2.


Darwin is a one eyed minion with combed hair.


Darwin loves to share with his fellow minions, and uses his unassuming and endearing nature to ingratiate himself with others. His likable nature is extremely successful in getting him what he wants, but as a result Darwin can sometimes have trouble taking no for an answer.


In Banana. Darwin sees Larry trying to get the banana. He later asks him to share, but Larry refuses to. So they start to fight while Steve notices and then joins the banana fight.

Darwin gets picked up by the cranes of the rocket factory, along with Larry. They were soon released after Steve presses the correct button, but releases the rockets by accident.

Minion Crane

Darwin (left) and Larry (right) gets picked up by the cranes.

Darwin and the other two minions are being chased by other minions, they manage to escape, but sees more minions and starts running away with Larry and Steve. The minion crowd begins to grab the banana, causing it to launch out of the peel. Later, they chase Lance while eating an apple.

In Despicable Me 2, He was seen at Gru and Lucy Wilde’s Wedding performing YMCA with Steve, Tim, and Frank. He had a white bow tie and a white hard hat


Darwin looks like Stuart, but in that film Darwin is another minion.

According to How Many Minions Can You Name?, Darwin can be identified in Despicable Me 2.