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A holiday setup with hundreds of Minions inflatables in New Albany, Illinois that became viral on Facebook.

Since 2013, Gemmy Industries has been producing a line of Despicable Me Holiday themed Airblown Inflatables. The majority of these inflatables are smaller (2.8' to 5') and usually feature one of the minions, but a few are bigger (5' to 8') and can include up to three minions. The smaller inflatables have a cheaper fan with Led lights, whereas the bigger inflatables have heavy duty fans with replaceable c7 light bulbs. There are hundreds of released Despicable Me Holiday inflatables, as well as a few prototypes that never made it through production. The prices of these inflatables ranged anywhere from $29.99 to $149.99 (approximately). A couple are mainly sold at Lowe's and The Home Depot, but they are still available in stores. They can also be found on eBay, Amazon, etc.

List of Inflatables produced[]

Note: Ones marked with [PROTO] were never purchased in any store and were only made for conventions and trade shows.


Stuart with bunny suit

Stuart with Easter egg and paintbrush


Bob as a black cat

Bob holding Halloween sign

Carl with "Boo" Sign

Carl with pumpkin

Dave as a bat

Dave as a ghost

Dave as a skeleton

Dave as a witch

Dave with pumpkin (Three versions of facial expressions)

Eye Matie Minion (One eyed version)

Eye Matie Minion (Two eyed version)

Franken Bob

Gone batty Minion (One eyed version)

Gone Batty Minion (Two eyed silk haired version)

Gone Batty Minion (Two eyed spiky haired version)

Gone Batty Minion (Larger Two eyed Version)

Gone Batty Minions Scene

Kevin as a bat

Kevin as a witch (+Alt. Version)

Kevin with pumpkin (Two versions of facial expression and scale)

Minion Firefighter

Minions Old Tree Scene

Stuart and Kevin holding Halloween arrow sign

Stuart as a devil

Stuart as a skeleton

Stuart as a witch

Stuart as a witch + Caldron

Stuart holding "No costume required" sign

Stuart in a Jack-O-Lantern



Bob and Kevin as elves scene

Bob and Kevin Hanging inflatable

Bob, Stuart and Otto dressed up as elves scene

Bob with candy cane

Bob with Santa hat

Carl with candy cane

Carl with holiday sweater

Carl with scarf

Dave as an elf

Dave with candy cane

Dave with candy cane + scarf [PROTO]

Dave with Naughty/Nice list [PROTO]

Dave with Santa hat

Dave with stocking + scarf

Dave with wish list

Kevin as an elf

Kevin as a reindeer

Kevin as Santa

Kevin with golden star

Kevin with holiday sweater

Kevin with present

Kevin with Santa hat

Kevin with "Santa, Stop here" sign

Kevin with wreath

let it snow cones truck scene

Mailbox mischief scene

Minions Christmas car scene

Minions igloo scene

Minions 'JOY' sweaters scene

Minions Ugly sweater contest scene

Minions Xmas tree scene (Two versions)

Naughty or nice slide minions scene

Otto as Santa

Otto with candy cane

Otto with holiday sweater

Phil with a snowball

Pop up minion Christmas tree

Snowminion scene

Stuart and Bob Hanging Inflatable

Stuart as an elf

Stuart as a reindeer (+ Alt. Version)

Stuart as Santa (+ 5ft. Version)

Stuart with holiday banner

Stuart with holiday ornament

Stuart with ribbon

Up on the housetop minions scene

Vive le minion


Stuart as a scarecrow (Thanksgiving [USA])

Stuart with 'Happy Birthday' sign