Despicable Me Wiki


General rules applies to all sections below.

  1. No profanity.
  2. No advertising.
  3. No chain messaging.
  4. Strictly no discussions pertaining to religious, racial, sexual or political issues.
  5. No inappropriate content, especially if it contains pornographic material.
  6. Strictly no information that does not relate to Despicable Me or the Minions, except if you are posting it in your user page, forum page or blog page. Related fanfic material should be uploaded at Illumination Entertainment Fanon Wiki.
  7. No spamming.
  8. Do not bring outer-wiki issues to Despicable Me Wiki, as it could be considered vandalism.
  9. Use English only. If you have to quote something in a foreign langage, you need to provide a translation.
  10. No threatening, bashing or harassing users. If that's a personnel dispute, solve it on your own. Admins will only step in as a last resort.
  11. No sockpuppetry or meat puppetry.
  12. Do not impersonate as other users, especially staff or Fandom personnel. This will be reported to Fandom.
  13. No trolling. We don't feed trolls, we reject them.
  14. If a you catch a vandal, report them to active admins (Wikia Staff) like Kanazagr, RRabbit42, Lexers615 and Gabriel417. Leave a message on their wall, and they should see it.

Article, Editing & Creating

  1. Vandalism is strictly forbidden.
  2. Do not post disruptive content. Disruptive content isn't disputed or debatable content, nor content some other people don't like, but rather content which is obviously flaming, defamatory, sabotage, NSFW material or anything similar. This also includes content generally deemed illegal in most countries.
  3. No removing content to pages. If you want to undo vandalism, just go to page's history and use "undo" or "rollback". If there's too much to undo or if you are unfamiliar with this feature, contact one of the admins so they can resolve this.
  4. Each article should have a citation (source). This does not apply to obvious sources, for example it is understood that when you are writing an article named after the first movie that what you write comes from said movie. This Wiki is based on films and all articles need to stay true to the films. If for example a Minion character such as Jerry has a different look in Despicable Me 1 and Despicable Me 2, a reference to the exact film should be added. Especially, in the various non-film material such as the online video games, sources are required when posting obviously controversial information or when debunking something someone else posted. If there is no citation in this case, comments will be deleted. Same goes if you want to debunk content previously posted which you have reason to believe is inaccurate or inaccurately quotes the movies.
  5. Do not plagiarize. In most cases, this is illegal. As usual, give it citation. Without citation, it would be removed. Repeated offenses would be reported to Fandom personnel and the user would be permabanned.
  6. Do not add unrelated images to any article. If that happens the image(s) would be removed.
  7. No pornography/nude content. Any content that contain inappropriate material will be deleted immediately.
  8. Do not add any opinions in any articles. Articles are fact-based, or sometimes based on the most likely of possibilities, for example, characters' fate in the aftermath. Opinions can be discussed in the various related talk pages or in your page, forum page or blog page.
  9. Do not use article pages as a chat page.
  10. Do not add unneeded categories to an article.
  11. Edit warring is not allowed. If negotiation fails or severity is too high, admins and bureaucrats will step in.
  12. Undoing a moderator's or admin's edit without adding constructive content in either describe what you changed footnote or the page's Talk sub-page will result in a warning and if persisted, to immediate sanction, the duration of which will be decided by the moderator or admin based on the severity of the offense.
  13. Renaming / moving pages is not allowed, unless it is to undo a previous rename / move action. If you are not sure, contact an admin. Some pages have links to these pages and renaming them will result to dead links. Misusing the rename feature will result in immediate sanctions.
  • Note: Users are advised to see this blog post for editing articles.


  1. License your image and use the proper license when using copyrighted material. You can do this by using Special:Upload, and choosing the appropriate licensing.
  2. Do not add a picture on an infobox that is dark or doesn't describes the article much.
  3. If there is already an image for the infobox that best describes the subject, do not replace it unless you have better image or one in higher quality.
  4. Do not add malicious, inappropriate or duplicated images.
  5. Do not add images that are not related to Despicable Me.
  6. Do not plagiarize an image originally posted by someone else.
  • Note: Try using .PNG format for images if possible, as they use lossless compression. The thumbnails have trouble displaying .JPG format images.

Chat, Message Walls, Blogs and Forum

Users are advised to use our Discord server to discuss Despicable Me, Minions and the online game Minion Rush

  1. Read and accept the rules stated in the Discord server.
  2. Do not threaten, harass or abuse other users.
  3. Do not link to other chats unless it is something urgent.
  4. Absolutely no swearing.
  5. Chain messaging is disallowed.
  6. No spamming.
  7. No discrimination against users.
  8. This is a kids movie based wiki, keep it G-rated. In other words, no adult content allowed.
  9. No necroposting in forum. If you see a thread like that, please request an admin to close or remove it.
  10. Do not type in all caps, unless you're abbreviating something. This is generally considered as "shouting" at someone and it's also considered rude. If all-caps content are spelled too long then it's also considered shouting.


  1. Strictly no vandalizing templates.
  2. Only make templates that are useful for this wiki, useless ones are subject to deletion.
  3. If you have problems with them, contact an admin.


Underage is a violation of Terms of Use of the Wikia community. If a user is revealed to be underage (below 13 years old), the user will be permanently blocked and will be reported to Wikia Staff.

Users with Rights

  1. No misusing or abusing power. If that happens, it can be reported to Fandom personnel and the user's rights would be removed or just permablocked.
  2. If the user is inactive for 6 month, they may get demoted unless it is for a good reason or if it is a hiatus.
  3. Make and keep the rules fair and up to date.
  4. Only Bureaucrats and admins should give user rights if the user meets the requirements and makes a request in the forum section or in a bureaucrat's Message Wall or Blog. There may be special cases though in which new admins have to be promoted.


Sanction can be more lenient or more harsh depending on the relative gravity of the offense(s) at hands.

As a general rule, sanctions are as follows.

First Outcome

Two Warnings

Minion Rush Icon

Hi there {{{1}}},
Your recent behavior is not tolerated at Despicable Me Wiki. This is your first warning. Thank you for your cooperation.
Gru never thinks twice about Freezing someone's head when you are messing with him.
Hi there {{{1}}},
Your recent behaviour is unacceptable in the Despicable Me Wiki. Please refrain from doing this. This is your second and last warning.

Second Outcome

You will be blocked for a certain amount of time depending on how serious it is* (1 day—1 year)

Minion Rush Icon
You have been blocked on Despicable Me Wiki for user . If you feel this was unfair, please report it here. Thank you.

You will be permanently blocked if you have ever been blocked once.

Minion Rush Icon
Hi {{{1}}},
You have been blocked permanently in Despicable Me Wiki for what you did. Thank you for joining our wiki, and don't come back!

There are two major exceptions to this four strikes rules:

  1. In the event an account is solely used to post disruptive content, meaning they have no history of posting substantially constructive material, it is subject to a permaban on a first offense.
  2. In the event an account is used to engage on criminal activities or sexual misconducts, including posting pornographic material in a public page in this wiki, it is subject to a permaban on a first offense.

*User may also get blocked permanently on the first block.