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Downtown was a location in Minion Rush and was the sixth location available, it was available from updates 1.6.0 until 5.7.0. Downtown was the final location accessed from updates 2.0.1 until 3.7.0; However, as of the 5-Year Celebration update, this location is no longer available to play in the game, but it's still available to play in older versions of the game playable in other platforms.


Upon unlocking Area 14, Downtown was available to access. It took place, hence the name, in the Downtown area of the city Gru and his minions live in, and the location appears in all Despicable Me movies, Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 and Despicable Me 3.

Most of this location's obstacles were similar to the ones in Residential Area such as fire hydrants that spouted water, construction signs that blocked one lane (could not be jumped over), buses that could be boarded on their top (only if a ladder was in front) and cars/trucks which drove towards the player or blocked the road, however, the biggest difference between the two was that the player was forced to dodge a greater number of traffic vehicles in order to survive and the the lanes were much further apart than any other location, making the minion appear considerably smaller and everything else much bigger.

Downtown lacked a boss, its secret area was the Bank of Evil. The Grumobile was always seen at the beginning of the Downtown and occasionally it was crossing the streets.



Before the Jelly Lab update, there was a featured soundtrack played as background music in the home page in Downtown.


  • In update 6.1.0, Downtown got removed from the game.
  • It was risky to Near-Miss obstacles while running Downtown.
  • Some reactions for minions' fail were more seen in here and don't exist in some other locations (except for Residential Area).
    • Being shock by electric web and occasionally dancing like a robot
    • Being sprayed by a fire hydrant, falling over and spouting water
    • Screaming in pain and falling over
    • Hitting a construction sign, with a Worker minion showing up behind it
  • This was the only location to feature no red zones.
  • During the Operation Bubble Gum and Attack of the Bubbles special missions, the secret area changed into an 80's style dark arcade room with neon lights and coin-op machines.


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