Despicable Me Wiki
  • “No job to small or to mad.” - Dr. Nefario speaking to Lucy after curing Gru Jr..
  • “I developed a new formula which allowed me to put every known kind of berry into one flavored jelly.” - Dr. Nefario showing the new berry formula to Gru
  • "Nice to see you, Gru." - Dr. Nefario greeting Gru after he comes with El Macho inside of his lair.
  • ”Crikey!” - Dr. Nefario sees Lucy getting captured by El Macho.
  • "Gru! El Macho's onto you. He knows that you are working for the AVL. And, he's your partner." - Dr. Nefario calls Gru that El Macho knows that he and Lucy are working for the AVL.
  • "I put an antidote in the jelly. I mean, I'm happy to create an evil army to destroy the world, but nobody messes with my family." Dr. Nefario leaving his evil life behind and describing how he fixed all the Evil Minions.
  • "Gru! Gru, can you hear me?" - Dr. Nefario trying to connect with Gru while he's flying to get the Moon.
  • "Wait a minute!" - Dr. Nefario, confused after Kevin loses the effects on the Shrink Ray.
  • "Oh this ain't a jelly gun, sunshine!" - Dr. Nefario before completely incapacitating El Macho with the fart gun.
  • This might take a while...-Dr. Nefario leaving Gru on his slow ship to work with El Macho Secretly.
  • "That’s Dr. Nefario." -Dr. Nefario, introducing himself to Gru.
  • ”He says it makes all the other villains look… lame.” -Dr. Nefario explaining Vector’s flexing.