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The name E.B. does not belong to the Despicable Me franchise.
Physical Information
Species Rabbit
Sex Male
Appearance Hop
Personal Information
Occupation Co-Easter Bunny
Residence Easter Island
Family Mr. Bunny (father)
Likes Playing drums
Traveling the world
Dislikes Not playing drums
Not doing what he likes
The Pink Berets (Sometimes)
His dad telling him what to do
Production Information
Debut Hop
Voiced by Django Marsh (Young)
Russell Brand (Adult)

E.B. is a teenage rabbit that appeared in the movie Hop. He is the main protagonist of the movie. He is the son of Mr. Bunny. He is voiced by Django Marsh as a child and Russell Brand as an adult.

He has been groomed since birth to take over the family business. Years of sitting through egg-painting classes and candy-production tutorials, as well as honing his lightning-fast reflexes have all led up to the day he is supposed to claim his birthright. But since he was a baby bunny thumping on his bongos, all E.B. has ever wanted was to become a drummer. Hours before his coronation (when he’s to inherit the mantle of the Easter Bunny) he flees Easter Island for L.A. to pursue his dreams.