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Can I be the first to say, "Ew!"
— Edith's catchphrase
Edith Gru
Status Alive
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 8[1]

9 (Despicable Me 3 onwards)

Eye color Dark bluish-grey
Height 114 cm
Hair color Blonde

Margo Gru
Agnes Gru
Felonius Gru
Lucy Wilde
Dr. Nefario
Dru Gru
Kyle Gru
Ice Cream Vendor
Poppy Prescott


Kyle Gru (formerly)
Miss Hattie
El Macho
Evil Minions
Antonio Perez
Balthazar Bratt
Maxime Le Mal


John Gru (adoptive great-grandfather)
Henry Gru (adoptive great-Grandfather)
Robert Gru (adoptive grandfather) (deceased)
Felonius Gru (adoptive father)


Madeleine Gru (adoptive great-grandmother)
Marlena Gru (adoptive grandmother)
Lucy Wilde (adoptive mother)


Margo Gru (older sister)[2]
Agnes Gru (younger sister)[2]
Dru Gru (adoptive paternal uncle)
Gru Junior (adoptive younger brother)


Despicable Me
Home Makeover
Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem
Despicable Me 2
Training Wheels
Despicable Me 3
Minion Scouts
Midnight Mission (cameo)
Despicable Me 4

Voiced by

Dana Gaier

Edith Gru is the adopted middle child of Felonius Gru and Lucy Wilde. She has an older sister, Margo, and a younger sister, Agnes. She appears in all four Despicable Me films, the attraction Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem and several of the mini movies.


Edith has dark bluish-grey eyes, light blonde shaggy cut hair and freckles. She wears a striped pink chullo, even in bed. Her usual wear is a matching sweater with a red skirt and maroon leggings with maroon socks and white boots.

Screenshot 20190221-083731 YouTube

Edith in her pajamas.

In some sequences in the second movie, she wears a black garb resembling a ninja's with the same boots, only black. She has also begun carrying around a katana.

When sleeping, she wears pink pajamas. Her hair is never seen because she is never seen without wearing her knit cap (except if you look at the back of her head, you can see a little bit of blonde hair showing).


Edith is currently the least explored of the three sisters, which is understandable considering she's the middle child, the likes of which are stereotypically neglected by their parents.

Whats this do edith

Edith playing with a weapon.

She shares many traits with Gru, being very destructive, tomboyish, and sporting a macabre sense of humor. In the beginning, she is reserved and quiet - being opposed to the idea of being an adopted child. Upon seeing all of Gru's weapons and torture devices, her dark, destructive nature is shown when she nonchalantly walks into an iron maiden and starts playing with Gru's dangerous weapons in his lab. She breaks glass bottles with foreign substances in them, plays with Gru's weapons, and at one point pokes at one of the bottles and asks, "Can I drink this?" at which Dr. Nefario responds with, "Do you want to explode?". In response to his answer, she kicks him in the shin and runs off. Edith is also good at ballet, and loves doing it with her sisters.

The second movie reveals that Edith is rather athletic and agile, and proficient with many weapons and fighting techniques, including the katana and nunchaku. She had also apparently learned Japanese, as she responds in Japanese ("Hai!") when Gru warns her not to destroy anything at the Cinco de Mayo party. She seems to be braver than her two sisters, as she prepared to fight a loose evil minion while her two sisters stayed behind her. She also expresses disgust at open affection, saying "Can I be the first to say... Ew!" when Margo and Antonio go out on a date with each other, and when Gru and Lucy kiss at their wedding.


Despicable Me

Not much is known about she and her sisters' past life. Just that some time in their life, they ended up in an orphanage. Miss Hattie, the owner of the orphanage, was a strict ruler, being harsh with the orphans she was supposed to be taking care of.

The three of them were forced to spend most of their days walking around selling boxes of cookies - including to Felonius Gru, who pretends to be a recorded message to ward them off - only to be belittled by Miss Hattie upon their return to the orphanage, regardless of how well they did or didn't do; she threatens to put them in the Box of Shame should the target amount of sales not be achieved by the end of the day. Every night they would pray for someone to adopt them.

One day, they sold cookies to Vector, who, at the time, was competing against Gru in stealing the moon. Gru, who had just failed several attempts at breaching Vector's security, looks on in surprise as the three girls are able to walk right into Vector's base. He thinks up a scheme to exploit the girls to steal the shrink ray, which was a key component in both villains' plans to steal the moon, and was in Vector's possession at the time.

Edith and her sisters' life and relationship with Gru begins rather shakily. Gru sees the girls as pawns in an evil scheme, while Edith and Margo see Gru as some creepy bald guy. Agnes is the only one that trusts him wholeheartedly. Eventually, they do unwittingly fulfill their purpose in Gru's master plan. Not soon after, Gru follows through with his idea and adopts the three girls, and they move into his dark house. Edith, being a tomboy, finds many "toys" to play with at Gru's house, including an iron maiden and several weapons, accidentally disintegrating Agnes' unicorn in the process of playing with one of them. At one point Edith asks, "What does this do?" and breaks a glass bottle containing a potion-like substance of some sort.

After a brief detour to watch the girls practice their Swan Lake performance, Gru successfully enacts the plan to steal the shrink ray while the girls are occupied with Vector and others around the block. On their way home, the girls convince Gru to take them to an amusement park, where Gru ends up bonding with the girls; he fufills Agnes' wishes by winning her a unicorn toy, destroying a booth in the process. Edith and Margo were amazed by this, with the two groups beginning to warm up to each other. The girls even encouraged him to go through with his moon heist by motivating him and his minions to build a rocket. Edith and her sisters also bond with Gru's mother, who show them embarrassing pictures of him as a kid.

Not long after that, Gru's feelings for the girls almost causes him to give up his life's work. Dr. Nefario intervenes, and sends the girls back to the orphanage. Their departure is conducted under stony silence. When they return to the orphanage, all three of them are placed in boxes of shame, which are basically solitary confinement chambers. Edith and Margo express their disappointment in Gru, while Agnes still clings to the hope that he'll come back for them.

At their dance recital, they get kidnapped by Vector, and held for ransom. Gru, in a surprising show of fatherhood, literally gives Vector the moon in return for his girls. Vector, however, betrays the deal, and unleashes his defenses on Gru. Enraged, Gru swore to free the girls and punish Vector as the girls were impressed by this declaration. To Vector's horror and the girls' delight, Gru smashes through his defenses with ease (and style), prompting Vector to flee in an escape pod. After chasing Vector through the skies, Gru, with the help of Dr. Nefario and his Minions, is eventually able to rescue all three of his girls. He promises to never let them go again. He presumably adopted the girls as his daughters again as they are shown living with him once more.

That night, he reads them a bedtime story that he wrote himself (the previous one being torn to shreds by the pet Kyle), basically detailing how the girls changed his life. Right before leaving, he kisses all three of them good night. When Gru kisses Edith on her head, she smiles at this, finally accepting him as her father.

The girls then hold a second dance recital, with Gru, his mother, Dr. Nefario, Vector (on the moon), and all of the minions attending.

Home Makeover


Edith in Home Makeover.

The Gru family gets a call from the social worker and tells that they are coming to check that Gru's house is suitable for children. If not Margo, Edith and Agnes will be sent back to Miss Hattie. In the beginning, Edith thinks the house is built for kids but after almost slicing two minions with a falling giant axe, she helps her sisters making the house children-approved.

Despicable Me 2

During Agnes' birthday party, Edith wears a ninja suit and performs a number of stunts. She, together with two other minions perform a magic show which is interrupted by Margo when one of the minions whip out a chainsaw. During the party Edith overhears the conversation between Gru and their neighbor Jillian about how Gru should try dating one of her friends.

After Gru comes back from the AVL, he tells Edith and Margo that they are supposed to go to bed already. When Edith finishes drawing she asks Gru when he is going out on his date and if he is scared of dating. Gru answers that he is not scared of dates or women (despite evidence to the contrary) and bids the girls goodnight. The next morning Edith, Margo and Agnes begin signing Gru up for online dating. When they try to choose a picture of Gru, Edith falls off the sofa in terror when a image of Gru in his swimming trunks shows up. When Gru comes in the room, Margo asks him what celebrity he looks like, Edith suggests Gollum, from Lord of the Rings. When Gru reveals the news of his new job, Edith is clearly the most enthusiastic about the idea of him being a spy.

The next day Edith accompanies her sisters to the shopping mall to visit Gru at work, finding him in a garbage can. Gru introduces his AVL spy partner, Lucy, to the girls in a quick introduction ("Lucy, these are my girls: Margo, Edith, and Agnes; girls, Lucy; Lucy, girls.") Edith greets her by saying hi. After teasing Gru about his budding relationship with Lucy, Gru tells them to go and have fun, though Agnes reminds them to give him a big hug first.

A little bit later the three girls are hanging around the fountain and Edith is diving for coins. Agnes asks her if it's stealing, but Edith smugly tells her "not if my wish was getting a lot of free coins." When Margo leaves her younger sisters to go with Antonio, Edith quips, "Can I be the first to say, 'eww'?" and soon finds herself being violently shaken by an excited Agnes before they rush off to find and tell Gru. A shocked Gru storms off Eagle Hair Club (where he was in the process of interrogating the store's owner over samples of the PX-41 mutagen). They follow Margo and Antonio Perez, the boy she developed a crush on, to the Salsa & Salsa, a shop owned by Antonio's father Eduardo Perez (who Gru thinks is the infamous supervillain El Macho). Eduardo invites the Gru family to his Cinco de Mayo party.


The morning after Gru's disastrous date (barely saved by Lucy bailing him out), Edith is surprised and confused by the heart-shaped pancakes Gru serves up for breakfast, usually preferring her pancakes to look like corpses. When the family arrives at Eduardo's party, Gru's rules for the evening include that Edith should try not to kill anyone, to which she responds with the affirmative in Japanese.

When Gru comes back from Eduardo's secret lair, having found out he is in fact El Macho, he gets attacked by a blindfolded Edith who had just destroyed a piñata. Gru then grabs his daughters, including a heartbroken Margo, and race back home, where he informs them that he had confirmed that Eduardo was actually El Macho. Edith became excited by the revelation, calling it cool, though Gru believed in the opposite. Suddenly, Dr. Nefario appears on the big screen, revealing that El Macho knows that Gru is working for the AVL and has Lucy captive. Edith is later left with her sisters in the house when Gru goes to save Lucy.


Edith using the large jelly gun.

After Margo and Agnes briefly escape from a mutated Kevin, Edith is found playing ping pong with her nun-chucks down in the lab with the Minions and asks what is going on. When the crazed minion crashes through the roof, Edith takes it upon herself to try and defend her sisters with her nunchucks. Dr. Nefario saves the girls by using the antidote on Kevin and he later brings the three girls with him to save Gru. Edith is thrilled shooting all the mutated minions with her jelly machine gun though Gru isn't happy that the girls are there in the first place.

When Gru and Lucy kiss each other during their wedding, Edith is the only one not enjoying the romance in the air and is later seen dancing with her family and being violently shaken by an overjoyed Agnes. She later joins in with others when the family starts taking pictures (getting crowded upon by the minions) but just then she and everyone else are shocked by a Minion who was still infected with the PX-41.


Edith was seen with her family watching a movie, when Dave's pet UFO destroyed the TV screen, she and the other minions are the only one who are amazed by what happened.

Training Wheels

Edith is seen on her bike with Margo and Agnes when they hear an ice cream truck in the distance and says that she gonna got a double dip. While she and Margo head down the street with the other kids on their bikes, unaware that Agnes had fallen off her's. Edith is then amazed by Agnes and her new bike when comes out of the garage, before they continue riding down the road, the girls finally make it to the ice cream truck and the driver stops for them.

However, just when they're about to treat themselves to some ice cream, a robber hastily exits a jewelry store and carjacks the truck. As he makes his getaway, Edith and the other kids are disappointed, then they all witness Agnes taking off after him on her bike-motorcycle, Edith couldn't believe what she saw. She and Margo immediately go after Agnes on their bikes. Later, when Agnes stops the robber, Edith and Margo are amazed by the raining ice cream and cheers for Agnes, sometime after the girls are riding on their bikes again, they watch as Agnes' other bike transforms in a robotic suit and see her fly away in the sky, Edith responds by saying "Wow" as she and Margo are amazed once again by their little sister.

Despicable Me 3

Despicable M3 Margo Edith Agnes funny

Honeymoon party!

Edith and the girls first appear as a cameo calling their dad after the resignation of the Anti-Villain League's director, Silas Ramsbottom, who was replaced with Valerie Da Vinci, a hard-nosed woman. However, the girls, Edith included, didn't know that Gru and Lucy was going to be fired due to the inability to capture the AVL's number-one most-wanted criminal, Balthazar Bratt. Under the makeshift honeymoon setting the girls set up for them in the backyard, the parents break the news, reassuring them while they're fired, they'll get new jobs eventually. This change means that Lucy has to adjust to her new job as the girls' mom.

Despicable M3 Agnes and Edith

A skeptical Edith follows Agnes to the Crooked Forest.

Some time later, the family, learning Gru has a twin named Dru Gru, visit his mansion located on the island of Freedonia. The girls are excited to visit Freedonia; Edith is impressed by the sheer scale of the mansion. Inside, Dru tells Edith they'll be up to some mischief. After a short trip to the Tipsy Unicorn, where Agnes is convinced she can find an unicorn in the Crooked Forest, Edith follows her there, keeping watch of her younger sister as she finds not an unicorn, but a goat she would call Lucky the Goat.


A precarious situation!

When it's due time for the Grus to head back home, Balthazar Bratt, under the disguise of Lucy, kidnaps Edith and the girls and imprisons them inside his robotic likeness, allowing them a view of the destruction he lays to the celebrated movie town of Hollywood. He then strands them on top of a precarious ledge on top of a building and leaves to continue the destruction. With the girls inches away from potential death and the building starting to collapse, it seems their fate is sealed, but Lucy, hearing Agnes' sonic scream, utilizes the bubblegum Bratt left behind to save them fast. Later, Lucy, the girls, Dru, and Gru, having just defeated Bratt in a dance fight, reunite. Gru puts the girls to sleep as Dru takes off in the airship, who Gru and Lucy give chase.

Minion Scouts

Agnes, Edith and Margo in Minion Scouts (2019)

The girls' cameo

Edith and her sisters make a cameo in the 2019 short Minion Scouts.


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  • "He started it." - Edith points the blame at a resident minion in the first movie.
  • "Gross! Look, they're in love." - Edith in disgust when she enters Eduardo's Salsa & Salsa and sees Margo and Antonio out on their date in Despicable Me 2.
  • "Hey, mullet-head! Let us out!" - Edith trying to use the meanest name for Balthazar Bratt's giant robot so they let them go.
  • "LUCY, OVER HERE!!! HELP... HELP US!!!!!!!!!" When she found Lucy Wilde helping the girls before they fall off the building.


  1. Despicable Me writer Cinco Paul on twitter.
  2. 2.0 2.1 As shown in the first Despicable Me, the girls were already sisters at the orphanage prior to any adoption proceedings, therefore supporting they are indeed bound by blood.


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