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Eduardo's House is a location in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It is the thirteenth location to be featured in the game. It first appeared with the April Fool's update in 2015. As the name suggests, the location is based off of the home of Eduardo Perez, where he had his Cinco De Mayo party in Despicable Me 2.


As mentioned above, this location takes place in Eduardo's House and is the main location for the April Fool's special mission.

Obstacles featured in this location include: large walls and tall balloon containers as high obstacles, plants in blue pots (which can be jumped over), tall salsa advertisements as small obstacles, and large dinner carts controlled by Minions, flowered/flowerless cacti (the flowerless of which fall over left or right when the player's Minion nears it; a total of two to five can fall in one direction in a row) as additional obstacles. There are water slides made up of overflowing fountains and much more. Instead of forward arrows, the speed boosters here are white and have peppers on them.

This location features two unique secret areas. The first secret area is a disco area where a colorful disco ball lights up the area, somewhat similar to the disco area in Gru's Lab. Some Banana Vacuums can be found here along with several rows of Bananas. After running through the disco area, the player's Minion bounces on a spring and enters a room with more Bananas and another Banana Vacuum. The Minion will continue running through this location before falling back down to the main path.

The second secret area features a spring which the player's Minion bounces on, leading to a rooftop. A total of four large red rockets (empty Evil Minion Rocket Ships) can be seen in the background as the player's Minion crosses rooftops collecting Bananas with the help of a Banana Vacuum. The player's Minion soon falls back to the main floor.


  • Until the 5-Year Celebration update, when the player was in the roof secret area, the player was definitely forced to pick up Banana Vacuums when passing, no matter which item was used by player before entering, since there is only one lane where the minion is forced to enter.
  • If the player's minion hits a cactus, they will not get spikes all over them.
  • This location is the only location to have more than one secret area.


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