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We could have ruled the world together, Gru... but now... you're gonna die!
— El Macho Before Trying To Kill Gru.
Eduardo Perez
Status Incarcerated
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 36
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black

Owner of Salsa & Salsa




Antonio Perez
Dr. Nefario (formerly)
Evil Minions
Gru (formerly)


Dr. Nefario
Lucy Wilde
Margo Gru
Edith Gru
Agnes Gru


Maria Perez (ex-wife)


Antonio Perez (son)


Despicable Me 2
Minions (cameo)
Despicable Me 4 (cameo as a prisoner)
Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Voiced by

Benjamin Bratt
Al Pacino (originally)

Eduardo Perez (born 1977) is the owner of the Mexican restaurant Salsa & Salsa in the Paradise Mall. What few know, however, is that he is actually the illustrious El Macho, a renowned bank robber with super-human strength. The undercover supervillain has now returned to hold the world hostage, using the deadly mutagen, PX-41, to form indestructible, mindless, killing, and bloodthirsty henchmen. He has a son named Antonio, who was Margo's first known boyfriend, though the flirtatious child later cheated on her.

He is the main antagonist of Despicable Me 2, and a boss in Minion Rush. He was voiced by Benjamin Bratt.


​According to Gru, El Macho used to be a physically robust villain, with one of his felonies being robbery. El Macho possesses superhuman strength, able to destroy a Security Truck in a single punch and carry it away with ease. He was also a heavy drinker and isn't affected by alcohol, snake venom or other toxic substances.

​At an unknown point, 20 years prior to the events of DM2, El Macho faked his death by "riding a shark, strapping 250 pounds of dynamite on his chest and into the mouth of an active volcano". He was never seen again after his presumed death.


Eduardo is a very short, obese Mexican man with long black hair that reaches his shoulders, and a thick black mustache and beard (styled in a goatee, with stubble surrounding it). His legs and arms are very stubby. He has light brown skin with brown eyes. According to Gru's flashbacks, twenty years ago, Eduardo was much taller (around 7-8ft) and more muscular than he is in the present day, and had longer black hair. In the present day, Eduardo only stands at 5'4, which is just below Gru's shoulder height. Eduardo also has a lot of chest hair and stomach hair, as seen when he displays the Mexican flag tattooed on his chest. He also has a lot of hair on his arms, legs and armpits, as seen when he wears his villain outfit. Sometimes you might see him flexing his Heavy Weight Champion Belt. When he drinks the PX-41 serum, he transforms into a mutated monster. His skin becomes dark purple, and he grows thick purple fur all over his body. He becomes over 25 feet tall, and he becomes very muscular. However, he still has his pudgy stomach, much to his embarrassment. Because he has so much fur he doesn’t wear clothes while he’s a monster.

El Macho Original Appearance.

The original appearance of El Macho. Notice his hair style is different than the "Eduardo Perez"


According to Gru, twenty years ago Eduardo is "ruthless, dangerous, and as the name "El Macho" implies, very macho". In the present day, he is very friendly and jovial, and he also cares a lot about his pet chicken, Pollito. When provoked, however, he will seek to kill the object of his wrath, as demonstrated when he hunts down Gru and Lucy in Salsa & Salsa and when he fights Gru at his lair.


Despicable Me 2[]

In early April, Eduardo heads to the Arctic Circle to steal the PX-41 serum. Using his magnet ship, he steals the entire lab to get as much of the mutagen as possible. The first night, Dr. Nefario leaves Gru and becomes El Macho's assistant. Nefario later goes back to Gru's House and kidnaps Phil. Three weeks later, Eduardo enters Bake My Day to greet the new owners of Bake My Day, Gru and Lucy. He orders the duo to make cupcakes decorated with the Mexican flag for his Cinco de Mayo party. During this encounter, Gru identifies him as El Macho, a well-known villian supposedly deceased two decades ago. Later the other night, Eduardo abducts Kevin and Jerry with his magnetic ship.

Eduardo returns to Salsa & Salsa at night, only to discover his restaurant has been broken into. When he enters his restaurant, the first thing he sees is his chicken, Pollito, trapped in the epoxy that Lucy has trapped it with. While tending to his chicken, hears the sound of someone eating chips in the kitchen, whom, unbeknownst to him, are Gru and Lucy. He sees the bag of partially-finished nacho chips and his jar of secret salsa opened. Eduardo spots the duo escaping through a hole in the roof, but does not recognize them due to the darkness. Eduardo is temporarily blinded by Lucy shooting epoxy at his eyes. Managing to get it off, he runs outside looking for the intruders with three knives in each hand. As he is about to discover Gru and Lucy, Dave and Stuart run Eduardo over with Lucy's car, knocking the heavy-set man out on contact. When he wakes up, he sees the car escaping from the Mall. The next morning, he appears in his restaurant as usual and preforms a small tango performance for the diners. As he sees Gru walking by, he greets Gru and hugs him. When El Polito appears, Eduardo cradles him and tells Gru that Pollito had a rough night. He later invites Gru and his girls to his Cinco De Mayo party so Margo and her family can learn more about Antonio, Eduardo's son.

During the Cinco De Mayo party, Eduardo greets Gru who had a sad expression on his face. Eduardo tells him that he has also felt sadness before. Eduardo later leaves to his secret lair, tailed by Gru. Inside the lair, Gru is greeted by Eduardo, who reveals that he indeed faked his death. Dr. Nefario also comes forth. They both explain their evil plan, which is turning all of of the Minions into purple, furry, mindless, indestructible, bloodthirsty killing machines that when unleashed the Evil Minions will destroy the world. El Macho offers Gru a partnership, saying he has admired him for a long time, but Gru declines. After he leaves, El Macho unleashes Evil Kevin to hunt down Gru.

Returning to the party, Eduardo bumps into Lucy Wilde when she attends the party to find Gru. Picking up Pollito, who had just clucked at Lucy, he explains that Pollito isn't usually aggravated. Then, when he noted Pollito had the same reaction with Gru, Eduardo discovers that Lucy and Gru are working for the AVL, so he takes Lucy hostage and straps her to a rocket. After the party, Eduardo, now is El Macho, brings his rockets to the surface to prepare his Evil Minions to be stuffed in the rockets to be ready to terrorize various countries. El Macho notices that Gru is turning the mutated Minions back to normal by shooting them with jelly that has the antidote (serum PX-49) mixed in. Realizing that Gru has almost destroyed his entire plot, he kicks Tom to Gru in hopes of defeating him him, but Tom is cured instantly instead. Gru asks El Macho where Lucy is and he explains him that he will launch the rocket where Lucy is on to the same volcano where he faked his death. Before El Macho can press the button to launch the rocket, a Minion takes it away from him and throws it away when tripped over, leaving it unreachable.

El Macho (Monster)

El Macho after drinking the PX-41 serum.

El Macho, bemoaning that he and Gru are unable to work together, moves to kill the ex-villain by drinking a vial of PX-41. He starts to transform by growing big sharp bottom teeth to the point they stick out of his mouth at all times. Then he starts to grow. He grows so big that his clothes start to tear. His as he grows more his skin starts to turn purple. He grew so big that his clothes fully ripped off. After he lost his clothes, purple fur started to grow all over his body. He kept growing as his fur thickened. His mask was still on getting in the way of his transformation so he pulls it off himself. Fur finished growing on his arms and he finished transforming. El macho transformed into a giant purple furry monster. Because he’s a monster now he started grumbling and dropped his mask. He let out a big growl at Gru. Gru attempts to take down the monster but realizes that he has ran out of the antidote jelly. The mutated El Macho tries to smash and kill Gru and the latter tries to freeze El Macho with his Freeze Ray, but El Macho gets rid of the ice by smashing his arms against the ground, forcing Gru to hold onto a big metal pillar, which soon collapses and drops him. El Macho picks up a metal tower in an attempt smash Gru, but the latter suddenly finds Lucy's lipstick taser in his pocket. The shock passes from the metallic structure and right to El Macho, disabling him instantly. As he lies defeated, the minions surrounded him, of which he claims to not to be terrified of their jelly guns. Dr. Nefario, who has turned on him earlier on, arrives and fires a Fart Gun, which ends El Macho's reign of terror once and for all.

Despicable Me 4[]

In Despicable Me 4, El Macho appears in a short cameo in the finale, having been reverted back into a human. He is seen singing with the other AVL prisoners, such as Scarlet & Herb Overkill, the Vicious 6, Vector, and Balthazar Bratt.

Appearances in Other Media[]

El Macho (Minion Rush)

El Macho as he appears in Minion Rush.

Minion Rush[]

In Minion Rush, Eduardo appears as El Macho in the boss battle in El Macho's Lair. After El Macho appears, Dave, whom the player play as, must dodge rolling cages filled with Evil Minions, and hurl Pollito back at El Macho, or simply dodging the chicken. After El Macho is defeated he tumbles over and shakes his fists in the air in fury, however, he will say "What's happening?". In the original game design, El Macho will still show up only while running in El Macho's Lair, much like with any other bosses in the game. After the July 2014 updates, El Macho only appears in some levels.




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