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  • "Somebody's going to die tonight." - When he appears and chases after the minion in Minion Rush and when he finds out that the Anti-Villain League agents invaded his restaurant Salsa & Salsa.
  • "What's happening?" - When he is defeated by the minion in Minion Rush.
  • "And here's the best part......I'VE GOT AN ARMY OF THEM!" - El Macho shows off his army of evil minions.
  • "You are coming with me!" - When the minion gets hit and caught in Minion Rush and when he finds out Lucy and Gru working for the Anti-Villain League and taken her.
  • "No, he's not Kevin anymore. Now he is an indestructible, mindless, killing machine!"— El Macho describing Evil Kevin to Gru.
  • "I am... not afraid... of your jelly guns." - After being lipstick-tasered by Gru and being held at gunpoint by multiple Minions and Dr. Nefario.
  • What's happening, to my minions? Gru??! - When he witnesses all his minions neutralized by Gru and his allies.
  • "That is a pity." When he responds to the girls having to leave from his Salsa & Salsa restaurant and when the minion in Minion Rush gets hit by his Pollo Locos.
  • "Buenos días ("Good Morning" in Spanish), my friends! I am Eduardo Perez. Owner of Salsa y Salsa restaurant across the mall." Eduardo introducing himself to Gru and Lucy.
  • "Soon, I will unleash them on the world! And if anyone, anyone tries to stop them...Yeow! Their city gets eaten!" - El Macho explaining his evil plan.
  • "Stop!" - Eduardo before he gets shot with Lucy's Watch Epoxy Shooter, and as El Macho when he gets hit by Pollo Locos in Minion Rush.