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  • He wears a red shirt opened to reveal his chest hair, along with a large tattoo of the Mexican flag, and a large gold medallion that prominently features his emblem. Oddly enough, while wearing his El Macho outfit, the Mexican flag tattoo is nowhere else seen on his chest.
  • Due to his Mexican ethnicity, El Macho speaks with a Spanish accent.
  • Eduardo was originally voiced by Al Pacino, an actor known for his roles as mobsters, such as Michael Corleone in The Godfather trilogy and as Tony Montana in Scarface. Pacino left the project at the beginning of May 2013 due to creative differences and was replaced by Benjamin Bratt, two months before the film came out.
    • All characters within the films have some facial resemblance to their voice actors except El Macho, who is similar to his original actor, Al Pacino. This is because by the time Al Pacino quit and Benjamin Bratt was brought in, there wasn't any time or funds left to change his face to look like the new voice actor.
  • The producers of the movie did not mention what happened to El Macho after being defeated, but he was most likely reverted and arrested by AVL.
  • When transformed by the PX-41, El Macho isn't as much corrupted by the serum:
    • He is still capable of cognitive function and proper speech.
    • His hair remains black instead of purple.
  • His supervillain alias "El Macho" means "The male" in Spanish.
    • The word "Macho" means showing aggressive pride.
    • His last name "Pérez" is a common surname within former Spanish colonies such as Mexico.
  • When he was younger, he looked taller and thinner, but when he is older, he is shorter and fatter.
  • According to a concept drawing, he was going to have a yellow mask and a yellow cape (but with the same designs), but later it got changed to the current red one.
  • El Macho's absence in the original film was retconned in DM2. He personally reveals that he has admired Gru's work for many years, including the moon heist.
  • There is no explanation given as to why El Macho faked his death. It's possible he wanted to retire.
  • It was never explained how El Macho survived. However, it's likely he jumped off the shark and took off the dynamite that was strapped to his chest before he and the shark fell into the volcano.
  • The tune he uses as a password to access his secret lair is La Cucaracha (The Cockroach when translated to English), a very popular song from the Mexican revolution times and now a staple of their culture.
  • El Macho is the only boss in Minion Rush that fights your minion physically by themselves (he chases the Minion on foot) rather than fighting the minion from inside a machine/vehicle.
Frankie Fishlips and El Macho

Frankie Fishlips and El Macho, Villain-Con

  • El Macho is wearing blue jean vest and a beard.
  • El Macho also makes a cameo in the film Minions; he was one of attendees in Villain-Con, and he sits not far away from Frankie Fishlips, though he only wears ordinary clothes at that time and is not really recognizable.
  • His El Macho outfit, especially the mask is heavily influenced by Luchadores, a type of masked Mexican wrestling where the wrestlers wear colorful masks and uses high flying movements as their repertoire.
    • This is also referenced with his high physical strength.
  • In his purple monster form, he resembles Grimace (a character from McDonald's) or The Incredible Hulk.
  • His villain name is a parody of "El Chapo" who is a real life Mexican criminal.